Your Kitchen Isn’t An Island, So Don’t Let It Drift

March 12, 2018

A significant design trend of 2018 is a kitchen island. Granted, you need to have space, but big rooms are perfect for a big mass of land right in the middle of the floor. It’s a centrepiece, a focal point that brings the entire room together and transforms the kitchen from good to fabulous. There’s a reason homeowners are investing in their thousands. Once you have one, though, you can’t let it drift. Believing that it’s okay on its own is the most prominent mistake property owners continue to make to this day. Here are four ways to keep it anchored.

Smart Layout

We are always hearing about smart technology these days, but you don’t need an app to be intelligent about the layout. Think about it like this – style is fresh but the substance is best. Sure, the island needs to stand out and grab your attention as soon as you walk through the door. But, it also needs to add value to the room. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that there is enough space to walk around it without having to breathe in. Also, the functionality of the island is very significant as it can help with meals and things. So, you may want to think about adding a stove top to make it easier to cook.

Two Styles In One

Kitchen islands are famous these days, as is the colour blue. For some reason, azure hues are all the rage in 2018, probably because it’s dramatic. There is no doubting that the world is pretty theatrical at the moment. What’s impressive about an island is that it can bring two styles together seamlessly. The “blue trend” isn’t natural to pull off because the shade is strong and dominating. Used on the kitchen island, it only helps to bring out the central theme of your new accessory. As a rule, dark blue is preferable to light.


Because the kitchen isn’t an island, there is no reason to let it go alone. The room is full of features which are a team. Used in the right way, they can create an incredible space that is stylish and practical. The first port of call is the seating. Not only should you be able to sit and enjoy a meal, but the height should also be just right. Considering they are high up, bar stools tend to work very well. To add to the drama, think about kitchen island pendants that drop from the ceiling. The light is a useful addition, while the shape of the pendants creates new lines that add contrast.

Storage Space

Looks are vital, but so is storage space. Modern kitchens aren’t huge and, with an island, there isn’t much room to manoeuvre. Thankfully, some islands are hollow and are perfect for packing away the clutter that makes the room appear messy. Usually, the best option is the islands with a side cabinet. If they aren’t available, don’t be afraid to brush stuff underneath the feature if there is space.

How do you plan on creating a perfect kitchen island?

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