Your Gift Guide For Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2017
To me, Valentine’s Day is just another day and seeing as it clashes with my little sister’s birthday, it can make the day of love almost impossible. However, I know that those of you who read and are in a relationship are probably struggling to find something for that special someone. There’s only so many times you can buy flowers, chocolates and teddy bears and it’s important to think outside of the box without breaking the bank. Here is a gift guide that will make this weekend less stressful!
1 – This cute candle definitely puts a unique spin on your average bouquet, and it lasts longer! Paperchase is one of those stores where you can grab the most unusual gifts for a small price tag. (£12) The glass candle holder is printed with the message ‘You’re lovely’, and the candle is rose scented. Divine! And of course, not too cringe for Valentine’s day. 
2 – Happy Meal Card. Cards are the worst when it comes to this romantic day. They are either splattered in mushy words which make you want to vomit, or they are too floral and expensive. Now I personally think that £4 is quite pricey for a piece of card (Urban Outfitters) but how can you resist the burger and fries?! It’s something unique and is blank inside so you can pour your heart out. (Or ask for a McDonald’s date)
3 – A Personalised Mr & Mrs print is definitely the key to your Mrs heart this February. Make the heart flutter with happiness when you present this beautiful gesture which sparkles your names and a special date in high-quality glistening foil. (Price varies from £4.90-£9.00) 
4 – Carbs & Cuddles Sweater. Absolutely IN LOVE with Coconut Lane’s sweatshirts at the moment! After all, a girl only needs pizza, chocolate, their bed, Netflix and cuddles to make them the happiest princess ever. Available in pink, grey and black! Grab 20% off with the discount code HOPE20! 

Gifts for Him 

1 – This heat-up huggable cactus is gonna be your man’s closest companion when you aren’t around. Too manly for a cuddle or a water bottle? Not anymore, I mean, how can you resist this cuteness? Urban Outfitters, you’re a saviour and for only £11.20, a true bargain.
2 – If anyone has a boyfriend who isn’t a gamer, then you are very lucky. Unfortunately, mine is glued to a computer 24/7. I found this game controller chocolate bar a novelty gift which he will appreciate. So win-win actually. (As long as I get a bite, anyway). Only £2.99, definitely a must-have.
3 – This copper robot alarm clock is so quirky, trendy and practical! (Especially with a man who never wants to get out of bed) This is another gem from Paperchase and is an affordable price at £20, it also comes in a mini version which is slightly cheaper. This little guy has adjustable arms and has great detail. So I guess you can be fashionably late at least?
4 – HAPPY BELATED NATIONAL PIZZA DAY, EVERYONE! Okay, so who doesn’t love a cheeky slice of pizza covered in cheese and your fav toppings? Forget the soppy mugs that friends will take the p*ss out of and get yourself a morning pizza cuppa. This pretty much sums up any girl towards their boyfriends. (Well, me anyway!). Gotta love Etsy for a unique buy and only £4.99.
Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovelies!
What have you got your soulmate this year?
Hope x

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