Why I Disappeared For Over A Year

April 14, 2020

It’s strange blogging again and trying to work out WordPress. It now feels like a foreign language. However, there are many reasons why I’ve not posted since September 2018 and I thought it was time to explain why. Not only has lockdown encouraged me to do this, but I’m also reaching the end of a chapter and perhaps beginning a new one.

So, where have I been?

The past year and a half has been pretty mental to say the least. I officially moved up to Leeds where I now live permanently and I started a new apprenticeship in Dental Nursing. I have reached the end of my training now as I’m due to graduate in May. However, this will most likely be postponed due to corona virus. The apprenticeship consisted of working in the dental hospital based in Leeds and meant that I worked alongside student dental students but also included working with qualified dentists and to the other end of the spectrum, consultants. I’ve gone from absolutely hating the dentist and dental setting to working in one and dealing with patients’ on a daily basis and can truly say it helped me overcome an irrational fear.

I’m unsure what the foreseeable future holds for me at this moment, due to current circumstances and a pandemic, dental practices are currently not deemed necessary to be open and I believe it’ll be hard to find work for a while. Obviously for my safety, I’m following all government guidance and staying at home to protect the NHS.

How is my anxiety? 

I’m still on Sertraline and the amount is still the same, at times I’ve wanted to cut down but didn’t want to risk it while I was settled in a job and wanted to wait until my training was complete. Of course, I’ve had days where I felt as if I couldn’t cope or things were spiralling out of control but I’d say that I’ve overcome the worst and I’m relatively comfortable at where I am. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you if the medication has helped or if it’s just me who has a better outlook on life, but either way, I’m in a much better position than when I first started this site.

A new addition 

In July last year, we welcomed a new addition to our family, and that was Angus, a British Blue shorthaired kitten. He’s definitely kept us on our toes the past year and gives that extra sparkle to our lives. Not only is he extremely hyper and fun to be around, he can also be a bit of a sassy pants sometimes and in some ways, I believe he could potentially be my spirit animal. You’ll probably be seeing a lot more of him and he even has his own Instagram account which you can find here!


In October of 2018, I passed my driving test first time which was a huge relief and was definitely a big change for me. It meant that I could easily drive home between Leeds and Lincolnshire and say goodbye to trains at long last! A couple of minor breakdowns along the way but what do you expect from a 2004 reg car?

So, in a nutshell, that’s where I’ve been. I’m going to try and upload more frequently from now. Just remember for the time being #StayAtHome and #StaySafe.




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