Why Coconut Shampoo Is A Life Saver

September 6, 2016
No one likes hair washing; I repeat no one. Especially if you have thick frizzy hair, that takes a million years for the bubbles to wash out! There’s nothing worse than standing in the shower and noticing the hair stuck to your thighs or having a battle with the hair that’s stuck to your hands, oh and then, of course, clogging the plug hole with your DNA.
Recently, I’ve been suffering from severe dandruff, and it’s horrible. Not only does it make you feel unclean, but it also makes you self-conscious of any hairstyle. I have no idea why I suddenly started getting the nasty stuff, but the cause was cosmetic shampoos of any kind. I was a little bummed out by this because cosmetic shampoos make my hair incredibly clean and soft but when looking at my wet scalp afterwards, it was just completely ruined but with having oily roots, the only solution was to find a new shampoo.
I know there are many anti-dandruff shampoos on the market, and for some time I did buy bottle after bottle of Head & Shoulders but not only is the product quite hard to foam, but it’s also used up very quickly. That was until I came across Superdrug’s Coconut Water Shampoo. I originally had this in a travel size as there was a deal on and I thought nothing of it because coconut is a natural ingredient and it’s used for a lot of things. But I decided to give it a trail.
Now, first of all you know those damn travel sized shampoo sets never give you enough shampoo, I swear they’re only made for people with fine, short hair. The frustration of standing in the shower freezing cold, trying to bash and squeeze the last bit of shampoo out was stressful but definitely worth it.
The shampoo has quite a runny consistency, and a little goes a long way! It’s not the nicest smelling shampoo, but has a subtle hint of coconut, and it makes my hair squeak in the shower (that’s always a good feeling, right?!). I wasn’t thinking anything positive because nothing has worked in the past, so I shoved my towel on my head and did my usual routine. (Tried to anyway, why do towels always fall off your head at the worst moment and why is wet hair so dense?!)

It was time to battle with the waves of doom, so when taking my towel off, I immediately checked my scalp and to my surprise, there was no dandruff (YAY!). My hair felt smooth yet manageable, and my hair looked refreshed and hydrated with no residue, even after drying. Is this now my go to product? Certainly! The reason I didn’t have any dandruff is purely that there are no extra added chemicals, meaning you’re receiving gently cleansing and even better, it’s cruelty-free.
If you suffer from frizzy, dry or damaged hair you can now say goodbye as Coconut Water Shampoo will be your best friend, guiding you to soft heavenly hair without the flyaways.
 Hope x

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