What Do Employees Really Want From a Company?

December 1, 2017

For your business thrive and succeed, you absolutely need the right employees on board. These should be people that have dedication, work hard and genuinely want the company to succeed. After all, these are the people who will be performing the daily tasks that keep your business ticking over and running each day so they have to be done well. But to get hold of the best employees for your business, you need to have something to offer- why should they work for you rather than your competitors? Experienced workers will be in high demand and have their pick from companies to work for, so here’s how you can make yours more appealing.

Good Employee Benefits

One of the first things potential employees will look at when they find interest in the role is the salary. You will need to offer a competitive rate, perhaps paying based on skills or experience. Another important thing they will be looking into is what employee benefits are on offer. These are things like health insurance, life insurance, disability plans, pension and retirement packages.

Training and Education

Candidates will be very keen on taking on a role which allows them to improve and keep learning. So offering training and education as part of the job role will not only benefit you by gaining employees with improved skills but will benefit them too. It could be simple computer training such as Training Connections Microsoft Word classes or something more complex such as NVQs and university degrees. It’s something they could do one day a week or choose to take it on in their own time during evenings and weekends. But having training and educated funded will be a great advantage in the eyes of potential employees.

A Good Office Space to Work From

A well thought out office space will help your workers to feel happy and motivated, this is the place they will be spending most of their time so it needs to be right. Even small changes have been shown to boost productivity levels increase happiness, natural daylight is one example so position desks close to windows. Another is having living plants in the office, they look great too and are an unfussy and professional way to decorate. Make sure your workers have good equipment such as fast, powerful computers and business software which allows them to do their job efficiently.

A Boss That Listens

Research has found that being a boss that’s kind yet maintains professional boundaries is beneficial. This means you’re approachable and staff are happy to come to you with any issues but still respect you as the leader. That way any information from your workforce from complaints or queries will get to you as people know you will listen and take on board they have to say. It builds trust between you and your workers and means you will find out about issues early on. Being tough on your employees doesn’t lead to better production, it just adds more stress and could make things worse in the long run.


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