Wedding Bells: Little Things That Matter On The Big Day

September 17, 2017

Whether you’re a bride or a bridesmaid, an approaching wedding is likely going to have your head full of big choices.  Finding the right dress, the right venue for both the ceremony and the following night, the rings, the honeymoon. It’s easy to get swept up by those big choices. It’s also worth remembering the little details you’re going to have to get out of the way, as well.

A little direction

This depends entirely on the venue you use for the night of the wedding. However, the difference between using signs and directions at your party can be the difference between a somewhat more orderly and easy time and the stress of people going the wrong way or getting lost. Plus, using wedding signs also means that you get to call a little more attention to the event which can make it feel even more special.

The dinner set-up

The meal is a big part of the day, but don’t make the mistake of just focusing on the food. Your venue might be able to provide all the essentials, but if you don’t look into getting your own wedding tablecloth, napkins, and place cards, it can feel a lot less like your wedding dinner and more just like a meal with family and friends. The centrepiece, if you want one, is all up to you, as well. It might seem minor, but the dinner set-up allows you a much bigger impact on the atmosphere of the meal.

The gifts and treats

You are going to get plenty of gifts on your big day, but bringing your own goodies for the guests is a wonderfully heart-warming opportunity. It’s a kind gesture of saying “thanks for coming”. You don’t have to go too extravagant or break the bank, either. Use scented candles that match the flowers at the wedding, to give them a nostalgic smell to enjoy later. You can even make your own gifts, particularly if you’re making sweet treats, adding a little more joy to the event.

A lasting mark

What about what you take home with you? The guest book can be one of the most important and treasured objects you own. However, it might be worth thinking about how you can make it even more special. Instead of just a regular book to collect signatures and well-wishes, think about spicing it up a little. For instance, you hire a photo booth full of props so that everyone can leave their mark with a little more personality. This could be instead of being put on the spot to say something heartfelt or profound.

Above are some of the overlooked aspects of a wedding but it’s not worth leaving anything up to chance. Before you get into the chaos of getting vendors and services, make sure you have a checklist. Don’t leave anything to chance.


Hope x

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