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July 23, 2016
You’re on day three without a hair wash, you’ve had a busy day, and you really don’t have enough energy to shower. The effort of hair washing is a pain for us girls; shampooing feels like it takes a million years and conditioning is a drag. Not to forget that your hair stays wet for 8 hours unless you work up a sweat blow drying your hair, to end up looking like a lion. Yes girl, I get you.
The one true saviour is dry shampoo but I either turn out like a granny, with white streaks in my hair, or I scratch my head like I have nits (EW!), purely from my scalp being irritated. So, what if I told you there was a handy bottle of magical foam that could change all of this? This dream come true is called Zerreau, a towel-off shampoo foam to make that hair fresh without using water. I hear the festival girls screaming in delight already.
To start off with, I thought how could this be possible? My hair is so thick and frizzy, and the only way to sort it properly is by washing it thoroughly. However, I’m always up for a challenge, so here is how I got on.

I left my hair for around three days to actually test Zerreau properly. As you can see, my hair looks clean at the ends, but the top of my head appears greasy with a build up of products. The ball of frizz had been straightened the day before, hence the non-frizziness and I was in need of a desperate clean.

The first step is to section your hair if necessary and apply a generous amount of Zerreau foam onto your roots and massage gently to release dirt, grease and even sticky products such as hairspray. The foam smelt beautiful, a strong apple scent (also available in strawberry), and it felt strange massaging it into my roots, as it wasn’t foaming, just dissolving and I felt like I needed to be in the shower. After doing this, my hair looked wet but didn’t feel it, almost like I’d used a gel, it was a very strange sensation as it’s not the haircare routine you’d usually follow.

Once I was soapy, I grabbed a towel and towel dried my hair. Dirt is lifted into the Zerreau solution and removed by the towel, so this step is vital. Now, personally, my hair will not towel dry, it misbehaves and does its own thing, and just seems to rebel against them. After a lot of towel drying (10 minutes), my hair still appears to have a wet appearance, so I decided to quickly blow dry, going over my roots to make the process hurry up.  If you have fine hair, you’ll be okay with a towel, but for thick haired girls out there, who know everything takes more effort (ugh, why can’t life be simple?), be prepared that towel drying may take a while.

So the result? Pretty damn good. Of course, it doesn’t look as fresh as when you wash it with water, but it’s able to extend your washing period which is perfect for you party animals and a real time saver. After using Zerreau, I styled my hair as usual with straighteners, and it looked good as new, as you can see below! For just £7.95 you can grab an 180ml bottle, and a little will go a long way, trust me!
Have you got any hair hacks? Let me know in the comment section below!
Hope x

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