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May 14, 2018

It’s Monday and your girl is currently stuck in bed. That’s probably the ultimate dream but the catch is that I’m ill and feeling sorry for myself! Tea, toast and being tucked in seems to be the plan of action right now. Moving on! I’ve recently bought myself some Vans and I thought I’d share them with you in a mini review/purchase blog post. They are hella cute, I must admit.

The Shop

I’m fortunate in the sense that I can save my purse some cash and walk over to the junior kiddie section of a shoe shop. To start off with, I picked up the Vans and was like ‘alright, I want to try these bad boys on’ and I asked the guy if he could get me a size 4 to try on, he agrees. When he brings out the box, he asks me where my child is to try the shoes on. Wow, not embarrassing at all! Maybe I’ll stick to buying my shoes online after all.


As you can see, these kicks are grey and pink which is the ultimate springtime colours and I instantly fell in love! It makes a change from your average black or white shades and the Old Skool look sold me straight away. The best part is probably the price. If you can fit into a UK women’s 3,4 or 5 then you can get your shoes so much cheaper from Foot Asylum in the junior department. When comparing your normal pair of vans in the women’s, they were almost double the price. I managed to grab these beauties for £34.99!

The colour is pastel and perfect for when I go on holiday in the summer and paired with shorts, they’re a dream. Personally, I struggle wearing Vans, to begin with. I once had a pair of the originals which were in blue (remember when they were super popular?!), I walked around London all day, bearing in mind they were brand new and I didn’t wear socks because I’m an idiot. Needless to say, I’ve never bled so much in my life. Lesson learned.


They’re a skate classic and have a distinctive added shine incorporated into the fabric and they’re so lightweight on your feet due to the canvas. The vibrant side stripe is what makes them so unique and the badge at the back of the sole is even in grey too. I think I have a grey obsession to be fair, if it’s not a grey jumper, it’s a coat and now shoes!

To check my Vans out, click here and browse through their other options! You can thank me later when you save some dollar.


Hope x

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