Useful Household Appliances You Should Buy This Winter

October 31, 2017

As you know, winter is the harshest season. The temperatures drop. Frost and ice appear. Snow falls. And because all of these things happen outside, you have to ensure that you have a safe indoor haven to fall back on. And this safe indoor haven should be your home

To turn your home into a safe indoor haven this winter, make sure to fill it with a host of useful household appliances, specifically those that can be found below. 

Oil Filled Portable Heater 

You never know when your boiler is going to break, and if it breaks during the winter time you and your family could be in for very cold days or even weeks whilst you wait for its repair. But, you can warm up these extra cold days or weeks by having an oil filled portable heater, or two, in your home that is ready to use at all times.

By having one you can be sure that you and your family never need be cold whilst indoors during the winter, even if your boiler and heating system breaks. What these portable heaters do is provide heat to any room, even large ones. And rolling them around is as easy as, well, rolling just about anything around because of the fact that they are light and come on wheels. What’s more, the fact that they contain oil makes them very energy efficient, so you need not worry that you’re harming the environment when you use them. Plus, you need not worry that you’re harming your bank balance and electric bill when you use them, either, because of the fact that cost less than £1 to run for an hour. 

Electric Blanket 

To stay even warmer during the winter period, try investing in the very useful household appliance that is the electric blanket. By doing so you can not only stay nice and toasty when you’re snuggling up at night, but you can actually make bedtime something to genuinely look forward to.

But, if the electric blanket is not for you, as it isn’t for many people, then you could just opt for a good old hot water bottle instead. These are, as you probably know, perfect for keeping you warm at night simply because you can control where you place them, how close they are to your skin, and in fact when you use them throughout the night.

Warmer Drawer 

Warmer drawer may be a bit of a tongue-twister, but your tongue will be thanking you if you buy one for this coming winter because they help to keep your food warm and tasty.

Keeping your food warm in the winter is tough and almost always results in you reheating your food over and over again, and subsequently ruining the taste of it, right? Well, if you purchase a warmer drawer you never need to worry about keeping your food warm again, because the drawer will do it for you. And not only can you keep your food warm in such a draw, but you can keep your plates in there too, meaning they are always the perfect temperature when it comes to serving time.


Winter isn’t just about keeping yourself, your family and the food you eat warm, however. No, it’s about protecting your home from the plights that winter afflicts upon it too. And two such plights that winter can afflict upon your home are condensation and damp, as well as the subsequent mould that they can create.

The change in the season and temperature will bring condensation and damp to your home, there are no two ways about it. But, you can fight them; you can fight them by investing in a dehumidifier, such as those provided at, and placing it near your windows. By doing so you will instantly see a cutback in the amount of damp and condensation that appears on your windows. And then, you’ll be far less likely to have to add dealing with damp mould to your long list of winter chores. If you are an asthmatic then it is especially important to invest in a dehumidifier because damp, and damp mould, could prove to be detrimental to your health.

Winter is coming (Jon Snow), so make sure both you and your home are ready for it by investing in the household appliances above. By doing so, you never need feel unsettled in your home, no matter the weather.


Hope x

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