University Travel: Flying Away With Your Education, Or Bringing You Closer To Your Goals?

April 22, 2018

During your time at university, there’s every chance the opportunity to go abroad will crop up at some stage. We’re not talking about studying abroad, though that’s also relevant here. More, we’re talking about long-haul experience with the rest of your class. Such opportunities aren’t a reality for every student, but this is a common occurrence for those studying subjects such as history.

From the outside, this seems like a fantastic excuse for a vacation. But, it’s important to note that these trips aren’t taken for the fun of it. Most often, timelines are strict, and the workload is gruelling. If you get the chance for one night off, you can consider yourself lucky. For this, and many other reasons, some students are reluctant to sign up.

Often, money is a leading setback here. Going abroad is never cheap, and a university trip won’t be any different. Though your professor may be able to get some discounts, you’re still going to have to fork out a significant amount to make this trip a reality. And, when your university is already bleeding you dry, those amounts of money aren’t always attainable.

What’s more, trips like these have the downside of taking you away from your studies. If you have essays to finish, you may just not see the benefit of taking time out in this way. After all, every week counts when deadlines are fast approaching. The idea of taking even two or three days away from your desk can be daunting.

But, despite these apparent downsides, it pays to think twice before throwing that permission slip away. No matter how much the above points put you off, take the time to consider the positives of attending something like this. To make sure you do just that, we’re going to look at a few of them here.

Educational benefits

Given that this is a uni trip, it makes sense to mention the educational benefits on offer first. If your professor is suggesting this trip, there’s a reason for it. And, if they think this could help with your education, there’s every chance they’re onto something. Sure, you have the internet now. You can get on Google maps and walk down just about any street in the world. But, sometimes, you really can’t understand something until you see it. The vast ruins of Rome won’t be anything more than an abstract until you see them for yourself. Equally, it’s only through school trips to China that you may actually come to understand the length of The Great Wall. You can be sure you’ll write more accurately and passionately about monuments you have experience with. Experience tops a textbook any day.

The chance for real-world experiences

Stepping aside from your education, going away is a fantastic introduction to crucial life experiences. For one, this trip will give you an excellent idea of what it’s like to travel without your parents. While some students may already be experts at this, others won’t have the chance to experience it any other way. Admittedly, there will still be adults leading you where you need to go. But, you’ll need to take responsibility for yourself all the same. That means working out how to transfer travel money or apply for passports.

You’ll even need to navigate your way through airport security and find your way to the plane. What’s more, once you reach your destination, you’ll need to navigate a new culture. That means learning enough of the language to get you by and adjusting to local life during your stay. While none of this may make much difference to your studies, uni doesn’t last forever. Lessons like these are ones you’re sure to use out in the real world. Why not take the chance of getting a headstart while you’re still in the safety of an educational group?

An opportunity for fun

As already mentioned, educational trips like these aren’t going to consist of bathing it on the beach and catching up on your reading. For the sake of money saving, it’s likely that you’ll go, see everything you need to see, then come home. Your schedule will likely be so gruelling that you won’t even be able to risk a late night in between. But, that’s not to say that a trip like this can’t still be fun. That’s, even more, the case if you have close friends on your course, too.

Though it might seem a lifetime away, you’ll finish your education before you know it. And, when you do, you won’t have much opportunity to go on trips like these, let alone with your friends. Instead, you’ll have to squeeze them into any time off you can afford. Sometimes, it’ll be years between such excursions. And, you won’t have your best friends along for the ride then, either. So, ignoring the deadlines which are still going to be there when you get back, it might be worth going along on that trip for the sheer fun of it.

You can be sure that, when you look back on your uni experience, these are the times which will stick in your mind. Often, we get so caught up with hard work and deadlines that we forget to make memories. And, isn’t that what university is really all about? Well, that and the qualifications. But, you can make time for both, you just need to believe in yourself.

A final word

As you can see, there are far more arguments for taking these opportunities than you might realise. While your grades might not suffer because you don’t go, they stand to soar higher if you do. Not to mention that a trip like this will give you real-world experience that you’re sure to use in later life. If the cons still outweigh the pros for you, throw that letter away and don’t think about it again. But, if the points mentioned above had tempted you even a little, sign that thing and hand it in already.


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