Is University Bleeding Us Dry Without Teaching Us?

January 17, 2018

Going to university is something that we have spent our whole lives hearing about. Our parents, teachers, mentors, media, and everybody else in between has stressed for years now that if we don’t go to university, we aren’t getting a decent job. May as well whack on that hairnet, pull on those overalls and get on your knees to get scrubbing right now.

The dream of higher education after leaving school is that you get the freedom to live by yourself, you get out of your parent’s place and do what you want. But university isn’t all about drink, play, and party. If you’re spending as much money as you will, then you need to make it count. Going to lectures, seminars, taking part in activities, are all part of the university experience that is often overlooked by students.

You might learn a lot while there. It is a time for self-exploration and learning who you are, but university isn’t the only way to do this. You can’t put a price on self-growth, but institutions and governments readily put a price on learning.


Even after university, you are in economic quicksand. Your student debt piles up and many will fall victim to student debt relief scams as it feels like the only option. For places where education is expensive, this hurts future prospects, as you have to pay for rent, food, insurance, your car, and extras. This debt is for the rest of your life, and are at the mercy of student finance institutions.

In places like the UK, which increased their tuition fees three-fold, this can put many people off going to university, as they just cannot afford it. However, it may also have reduced the number of people attending one of these institutions merely because they can.

Too many students were attending for the sake of it, and as a result, ended up wasting their three years because they didn’t really care what grade they achieved upon graduation, as long as they passed.

Post Graduate 

And even then, after graduation, there were so many people coming out of university that there were not enough jobs to satisfy everyone. Those who study creative arts, long looked down upon as Mickey Mouse subjects, struggle to get into the industry due to limits, and so are remaining in their retail, call centre, or customer service positions because that’s all they know. 

This isn’t supposed to be a critique of going into higher education after leaving high school, but to inform you of what many won’t tell you before embarking something that may not be as good as it seems.


The social side of university is something that everyone must experience in some way, as you will learn to live independently, cope with people you may not agree with, and learn self-discipline. But when thinking of choosing a major, consider how useful this subject may be when you leave in three, four, or five years time, and ensure that you learn something about yourself, the world, or both.


Hope x

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