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July 8, 2016
I’m your average British girl, and I love tea, two sugars and a drop of milk, and I’m happy. There’s nothing like walking through your door after a long day and being welcomed by your favourite steaming mug. I’m usually a classic tea girl but there are so many different types these days, so I decided to put Newport Skinny Tea to the test to find out what all the fuss was about.
Jennifer, the founder, started the company in hope that it would help women achieve them to feel great and look the way they wanted. A health and fitness enthusiast herself, Jennifer was tired of taking all of the powders, pills and energy drinks as it made her feel worse. There are many struggles when it comes to healthy eating and working out, endless cardio and non-fat foods aren’t always the best route to go down. Jennifer decided to learn about other alternatives and when she came across tea and herbs she was instantly in love, and that’s how Newport Skinny Tea was born. A couple of years on and the company is now a big success.
My experience

I didn’t receive this tea for working out etc. I got it for my mental health. If you didn’t know already, I have severe anxiety disorder and some days can be tough. It would be perfect if I could take/try something that would calm me down a little and help me on a daily basis.
I received the Unicorn Magic Happiness Tea, and even the name brings me excitement. There’s something so majestic about the name that instantly makes you feel good about it. And of course, you can always put your full trust into unicorns. The tea itself comes in a generously sized bag, and it’s colours are wonderfully earthy and natural. It contains so many organic ingredients which are:

Jasmine green tea

Rose Petals
Lemon Balm

These ingredients are supposed to help elevate mood and energy and help you recover from stress and sadness as well as contributing to focus and mental clarity. These were all massive pros for me as it’s something I need support with on a daily basis and seeing as I’m not on any medication, I’m dealing with anxiety on my own at the moment and have been for a while.

To make the Newport Skinny Tea, all you need to do is but 1tbsp of tea into an infuser and steep in a cup of boiling water for 3-5 minutes to choose the strength you’d like. It’s beautiful looking as you can see dried up flowers and leaves and it’s bursting with purple, pinks and greens.

I tested this tea out in 3 different ways:
– When I’m not anxious at all 
-When I’m a little anxious/on edge 
-When I’m extremely anxious and at my worst (Panic attack)

The first day I tried it, I was quite chilled, I’d woken up and fancied a cup of tea, and it was a blogging kind of day, so nothing major was happening. I got to my desk and started sipping away (please remember it takes longer to cool down because there’s no milk and don’t burn your mouth like me, I’m too clumsy!), and my mouth was greeted with intense flavours of mint, green tea and chamomile. I’ll admit, I’m not usually a fan of flavoured tea but this was next level stuff, I loved it! After I’d finished the cup, I was focused and managed to complete everything I needed to, but I didn’t notice any major effects.

The next day I tried this majestic unicorn tea was when I had dental and doctor appointments which I always get quite nervous about. I decided to make some before I left the house which is when my anxiety is at it’s worst (Irritable, on edge, trembling). I made myself sit down, and I had a little teacup, and the flavours seemed to distract my mind in the sense that I noticed my body wasn’t as fidgety, and I felt a little calmer. I’m not saying Newport Skinny Tea made my anxiety disappear, but it contributed to my emotional stability.

Okay, so the next time I tried the bundle of joy was when I was at my worst, including a panic attack. Nothing can stop my panic attacks; only I know how my body works, and they can get extremely overwhelming to the point where they keep me from going out and doing the things I enjoy. Bare in mind that I can’t eat and can only drink water when I’m at my worst so trying this tea on this day was painful. Again, I went for a small cup and sipped very slowly between waves of restlessness. I get stomach cramps when I’m feeling weak, and the spearmint seemed to reduce that, and the Damiana appears to uplift my mood over time, providing me with more ease over the next hour. Yes, I still had a panic attack, but I sipped the Newport Skinny Tea throughout and I didn’t seem to feel as drained afterwards, the stevia and chamomile must have given me energy.

If you suffer from mental health, or you feel stressed then, the Newport Skinny Tea is for you. Either visit the website or check them out on Amazon. Remember, this tea doesn’t cure you, and if you’re feeling ill, then please do see a doctor. This could provide extra support and help for many people out there, and it’s my new best friend. I always knew I loved unicorns for some reason, and now I know why.

Hope x

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