Unboxing Nike Roshe’s

June 29, 2016
You’ve seen YouTube unboxing videos all over the internet but what about a blog post? I always treat myself to a pair of shoes every summer, I try to spend as little money as possible most of the time, but shoes and clothes are always my downfall, which my bank balance doesn’t thank me for. This time, however, I did need some new shoes, and I fell in love with a particular pair of Nikes, the kind of love where you need to get them, no is not an answer. So may I present, the unboxing of my Nike Roshe’s.

Originally, I didn’t like Roshe’s one bit. Too many people were wearing them, and I felt like it was just a trend, plus the shoes were way too expensive to buy, especially if you didn’t actually like them. I was split between Nike Janoski’s and Converse, seeing as I’d had these before and I could do with some new ones; so as I was scrolling through Nikes on ASOS, I came across this pair that I needed in my life.
I don’t usually buy patterned shoes as I feel that they’re hard to put with other items of clothing, and you’re very restricted, but there’s something about this pair that makes the rules change a little.
Subtle yet sassy, these are the queen of shoes. The doodle print looks cute yet stylish and has the most adorable pictures, from palm trees to strawberries to peace signs. Now, I didn’t pay full price for these, as you know a girl has to do her research and £70 is a little steep. In fact, I managed to pay £56, but you can also find them for £50 which is a reasonable price for Nike. What I love about them is that they aren’t your standard Roshe, they have character, and they look perfect with black skinny jeans, a real gem as a summer shoe.

The logo is presented in a fresh way and appears more than once on the shoe which looks superb, and the material is made from a thin textile breathable mesh, ideal for summer walks. That’s not the best part though; new shoes always rub me and it’s awful, there’s no pain quite like it, am I right? Roshe’s have a super cushioned inner sole which is extremely lightweight; you feel like you’re walking on air. The fact that it’s so comfy means that you walk with ease, and they haven’t rubbed me once (yay)!

On me, these shoes look incredibly dainty, I wear these purely for comfort, not to work out in, etc. as I feel that finding a good everyday shoe is hard, so I tend to turn to Nike. These treasures are also available in white, and you can get a few other fabulous patterns so you can look one-of-a-kind. I’ll let the pictures do the talking as they speak for themselves!

So there you have it, my newest buy, we’ll see how long they stay this white for! You can find the Nike range here. Let me know in the comments below what your favourite Nike piece is!
   Hope x

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