Ultimate Favourite Instagram Accounts Of Summer 2016

May 6, 2016
We all love Instagram, and yes it’s a guilty pleasure (along with chocolate). Who doesn’t enjoy stalking other bloggers and checking out their gorgeous themes? Every theme is unique and inspires me try out new photography tips or visit somewhere new. Sometimes we sit and wonder ‘how is their life so perfect?!’, perhaps scrolling two years deep into their Insta (whoops). Over time, I have found my favourite Instagram accounts that I cannot stop looking at, so here they are. 
@Lydiaemillen – Lydia Elise Millen

It’s obvious why I love this account. Elise posts pictures of London, designer clothing and beauty, inspiring anyone to visit the UK and has kept with her white theme consistent, editing the pictures perfectly. I constantly check her account to see if she’s uploaded, it’s no surprise she’s gained so many followers in such little time and of course, she’s gorgeous. 
@Jo_Rodgers – Jo Rodgers

This account is my newest find which I adore. Moving away from the white theme, Jo puts England into perspective extremely well, with her love for the outdoors, interior and food. You’ll feel very cosy looking at her feed, with traditional pubs, old buildings, bookcases and hot tea. If you’re an adventurer yourself, you’ll be in awe at this account. 
@Elleventy – Samantha

Who doesn’t love cookies? Exactly, no one. So when I stumbled across this account I was amazed how creative you can get with baking. A lot of detail and dedication has gone into the work, with beautiful pie designs that look too perfect to eat and little kitten cookies to make you drool. This has motivated me to up my game in baking; if only it were as easy as it looks!
@Shibabunnies – Weylie & Wah 

I’ve been a number one fan of Weylie since day one, watching her vlogs daily and her beauty videos! She has pets which she cherishes deeply and I’ve watched her blossom as a YouTuber. When she decided to make an account for her pets I admit, I was a little excited. Weylie owns two dogs, a Shiba and Westie, along with two cute bunnies. So if you’re an animal lover, it’s certainly a recommended follow.  
So if you’re looking for ideas, or are just snooping for accounts, these are your ultimate favourites for this summer. Make sure you let me know what your number one account is! If you’re struggling to edit your Instagram pictures then make sure you check out my other blog post here
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