Thoughts On Learning To Drive

August 8, 2016
I love talking to you girlies about little updates in my life, so here is the next big step! Learning to drive. It has always been something I’ve dreamed of doing ever since I was a little girl. I used to imagine driving around in my pink Barbie car and taking my Mum shopping (Luckily I don’t want a Barbie car anymore!). Growing up, I didn’t actually have a car in my family, which sucked when it came to events that were out of town, always clinging on for a ride which I hated. Maybe this is why I’ve wanted to drive more than the average person, so I finally get some independence and freedom.
There is, however, a problem. Despite everything being so expensive, I’m also anxious. Because I’ve never really been in a car with family, I’m not comfortable or familiar with it. The thought of me controlling a vehicle seems to put a lot of pressure on me, and I always think of the worst case scenario. Will I crash? What if I do something wrong? Endless questions are putting me off which is hard when it’s something I’ve wanted to do forever.
Having anxiety disorder plays a big part in why I have been put off. What if things got so bad that I had a panic attack? And meeting the driving instructor for the first time is always a worry. I know that they’re irrational thoughts, but that doesn’t stop them from popping into my head. Let’s not even start on road rage and some ridiculous people that somehow managed to pass their test. Surely if they can pass, I can right?!
On the other hand, once it’s done, I’m able to drive forever happily. It’s certainly worth it in the end so perhaps I’ll sit down with my learning to drive book and start looking into my provisional. I’ve been on road trips with my best friend and they’re great so that’s always a plus! If any of you have any top tips, then please do let me know!
Hope x

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