The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Fashion

May 4, 2016
The fashion world is bold and beautiful. We see it plastered all over magazines and online, the new trends and secret styles. But have you ever heard advice or a trend and thought to yourself “what?!”. Same here. Sometimes the fashion world does mess up, so here is the worst fashion advice ever known. 


You should choose clothes to suit other people
Woah, girl. Big no. Who cares if someone doesn’t like the outfit you’re about to buy? I’ve been with people in the past who have told me to put that item straight down. Why? Fashion is all about trying new things and exploring. You want that bright mini skirt? Go for it. It doesn’t matter who likes it or not, as long as you feel comfortable and confident in it.

Buy high-end fashion only 
Of course, this applies to people who can actually afford the ridiculous price tags. Just because something is expensive, doesn’t mean it’s great quality. You can find great clothes in shops that are half of the price. The designer brands aren’t always your best friend. I’ve had brand named clothes in the past that have immediately gained holes or misshaped. Is it worth it? Definitely not. Do your research before purchasing.


You should only buy practical clothing
Really? Fashion is supposed to be fun, it’s constantly changing and you can wear whatever you want, whenever. That’s the point. So what if that top is a little too flowery? Or those suede court shoes aren’t a good idea? Life is too short to worry, buy them and don’t look back!
Jelly shoes and socks look good 
Since when? What even happened last summer. I wore jelly shoes when I was 4; I definitely don’t want them now. Socks and sandals were always frowned upon but then they were suddenly a ‘revolution’. People tend to follow what everyone else is doing/wearing. Don’t feel pressured into buying something you dislike; we’ve all been there.


You should buy things in a smaller size to fit into when you lose weight 
So we’ve all done it, but not only does this leave you with a big and small wardrobe leading to an upsetting clear out but it also lowers your self-esteem. You keep trying on that size eight pair of jeans every week but they still don’t fit? Don’t worry. Leave it. Buy things in your size that you look great in now, don’t be put down by a stupid size tag.

As you can see, the fashion world isn’t as good as it seems. Stick to your own rules and don’t follow the crowd. Be confident and content in what you’re wearing!

 If you’ve had any terrible fashion advice then let me know in the comments.

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