The Two Best Ways To Spend Your Gap Year

June 21, 2018

Gap years have taken on a sense of infamy in recent years. We all know that person who boasts about having built shelters somewhere in the world during the first week of university or someone who continually references their expedition around Tibet paid for by their parents. This leaves gap years open to ridicule and slight envy, which can leave a distaste in our mouths. Some people might suggest that working a year before university is a better choice but that might not work. If you have the funds to, heading on a gap year can actually be an excellent choice. It can open your horizons before you head to further academic effort.

Exploring the world or a certain environment with those closest to you can be a wonderful idea. We have curated some of the best methods for you to do this in the following article. Just promise us you won’t join the ranks of the boasters, and instead enjoy the experience for what the gap year can offer you:


Heading on a peaceful cruise cannot only yield you plenty of enjoyment on the ship but can take you to a variety of locations. This might mean you are in Portugal one day, Spain the next, and Italy after that. This can help you see a ‘greatest hits’ of cultures and meals out, as well as gift you perhaps one of the fastest yet deep cultural explorations of the world possible.

Just be sure you find a cruise that offers you a range of packages, such as those found on, as they allow you to find the personal experience you are hoping for, and help you prioritize certain stays. Knowing your cruise schedule in advance is very useful because then you can plan the certain amounts of time or places to visit you might enjoy when stopping over in a given country at any time.

Charity Efforts

It might be that you hope to put this gap year to good use. You might think charity is a good way to do that. From building sustainable housing in a country to sponsoring your hike across Europe. No matter who you are there is bound to be some value in your explorations. You might even have the chance to make a difference. This might come in small, less expected avenues. For example, preserving wildlife in Hawaii or building a well in a small African village. These things lend you experience, and often there are many reputable charities willing to take care of this entire experience for you, provided you are willing to work and contribute.

Through both of these efforts you will find yourself absorbing cultures and making somewhat of a difference. Both personally and in the world you explore (even if just in appreciation,) while also giving yourself memories that help you grow. You’ll then be well off to your mature life of education.

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