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May 28, 2016
Stationery is one of those things that I’ll never stop collecting; it becomes so addictive, and now you can get so many amazing items that it makes it tough not to give in to the temptation. The amount of cute notepads, animal rubbers and nifty pens you can get is insane, I just wish I had a pencil case that cool when I was in school.

Recently I discovered Typo, a homeware lifestyle store that caters for anything. If you need accessories for the home, stationery, or gifts for your bestie, this site has it all. If you want unicorn pens, doughnut notepads or maybe a pug cushion, then this is your happy place. I couldn’t resist and grabbed a few blogging essentials, check them out below!
‘Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle’ Notepad
There’s nothing quite like a brand new notebook. The pages are so perfect and fresh, with no creases or scribbles, and you always think to yourself “I’m going to make the first page impeccable”. It never happens, but I like to keep telling myself that! There are so many beautiful quoted notepads on Typo, in so many colours so you’re spoilt for choice. This one, in particular, is A4, but they’re also available in A5. With an elastic fastener to keep everything together and an inside pocket to hold all of that loose paperwork, it’s ideal for students. There’s a print to suit everyone on the site, and I love the quality! For only £3.50 you can snatch one for yourself, such a reasonable price!
Novelty Spanner Pen

One of the most unique pens I’ve ever seen, this doesn’t just have to be for guys. At the moment, the Industrial homeware look is in which I love, so when I came across this pen, I just had to get it. This spanner pen is quite heavy so gives you that realistic feel, with engraved writing and added details it could easily trick someone! I must admit, it’s not the easiest to write with, but it’s a black ballpoint pen and is smoother than expected. Typo also do a lot of other novelty pens such as pizza, flowers and the Eiffel Tower! Some rare ideas but perfect as a stocking filler.

Between The Lines Colouring Book 

Adult colouring books are in every shop you walk into at the moment. As a young girl, I used to spend hours colouring and constantly begged my Mum to buy me some more pencils! I’m happy they’ve made a comeback, and it’s interesting that they’re not just for fun. Colouring forces the brain to focus on one thing, meaning it relaxes your mind, as a sufferer of Anxiety Disorder this can make a significant impact on my life if I’m having a bad day. This book is packed full of beautiful drawings, from dream catchers to nature and Henna patterns, the title ‘Good Vibes Only’ is perfect as it reminds me to try and forget my worries.

These are just some of my blogging essentials I’ve recently received, but I’ll be sure to get some more! If you’re looking for a sophisticated and one-of-a-kind lifestyle site, then Typo is the one. Do you have any homework/blogging essentials? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!


Hope x

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