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May 26, 2016
Nothing beats going around Boots and smelling all of their perfumes, only to come out feeling sick and sneezing everywhere. The joys of being a girl, right? Recently I’ve been getting more and more perfumes and have become quite the bottle hoarder as they now make them so gorgeous! I’m a sweet and floral scented girl myself, so if you’re the same, you’ll love the following perfumes.

Down Town, Calvin Klein 
If you love powdery, soft perfumes then this is perfect. The feminine woods and floral scent create a confident, modern fragrance with an edge. The bottle is incredibly simple but it’s whats on the inside that counts. If you want a subtle but fresh everyday perfume then this is the one, it’s extremely long lasting and you can smell it on yourself all day long which is a big bonus!
Giorgio Beverly Hills 
This scent isn’t usually one I’d go for but I couldn’t resist. Refreshing and gentle, this scent possesses a blend of ginger lily, hyacinths and orchids with citrus notes. It’s perfect again for daytime wear and this perfume especially celebrates the luxurious lifestyle of Beverly Hills. Very posh!

Daisy, Marc Jacobs 
Sweet and sophisticated, I save this perfume for nighttime wear. The smell instantly reminds me of summer and provides a euphoric feeling. Many people have asked what perfume I have on when I do wear this which is a huge pro as I know that it is worth the money. I love any Marc Jacobs fragrances because the bottles are stunning. This is a very vintage aroma and has beautiful scattering daisies that appear to bloom around the lid of the bottle. Just gorgeous.
Estēe Lauder, Modern Muse
Certainly an occasion perfume as this one is worth saving. (Especially because it’s quite expensive). Initially, I thought that this scent was too overpowering on the skin but after 10 minutes it settles down and is excellent, just proves what high quality it is and is not watered down compared to other perfumes! It’s a very crisp fragrance which has a youthful smell, slightly floral but not sickly sweet, an ideal balance. A little goes a long way with this perfume so don’t go spray mad! Estēe Lauder never fails to disappoint.

If you’re stuck for perfume or just want to try out some new ones, then these are must haves if you love girly, flowery essences. Go out for a shopping day with friends and make sure you try these out! Try not to sneeze too much.

Have a great day,

Hope x

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