The Perfect Winter Boots

November 4, 2016
For a while now, I’ve wanted some decent boots with a little bit of extra grip and to lose the suede as unfortunately; they’re not very suitable for an everyday walker like myself. I’m usually a black boot kinda girl but surprisingly came across some brown beauties which I couldn’t resist.
Now I’m your average girly girl, and I love a good pair of heels. The downside? I look like an idiot walking in them, and I’m bound to be a safety risk, a 100% chance that I’d fall flat on my face. I always look at boyfriend/mom jeans, but my heart hurts at the fact they look best with stilettoes. The pain is real.
So, what did the blogger do? She went and bought some heeled boots because they were too cute and I’ve persuaded myself to learn how to walk in them, so they aren’t a waste of money. My feet and hands are always cold, so I love winter where I can get nice and cosy, and these were way too hard to resist. I managed to find them in New Look, but I don’t think they do them anymore as it was a little while ago but there are many more similar on the site so please don’t be disappointed!

Wooden block heels are everywhere at the moment, and they’re so cute! There’s something about the wooden look that makes a change to usual fashion because it’s not every day you get to wear a tree. I’m a little put off by brown because I feel that it doesn’t match black jeans that well and black is the best colour for clothes, right?
These boots are so easy to put on, and my feet feel extremely comfortable in them, no squishing or rubbing (for once!). Buckles are everything and this little detail just pulls the boot together and makes it a bit more unique! I haven’t had laced boots in a while because they always come undone and the frustration becomes too much but I can tell these laces are high quality and won’t come undone that quickly.

I’ll either team these boots with blue jeans and an oversized knit or a winter dress, depending on how I feel but these boots make any outfit go from casual to that little bit more smart. If you haven’t noticed already, there is some fur peeping out of the boots which you can either wear inside or outside of the boot so if you’re prone to cold feet like me, then worry no more because you’re all snuggled up!
So now I just need to try and walk in them. Wish me luck!
Hope x


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