The Little Faux Fur Overcoat

December 9, 2016
I seem to go through these phases where I disappear for a week or so due to a mound of coursework which I’m crying over, but I’m back! (Even though the work is still sat right next to me, yay for procrastinating). It’s getting colder by the day, walking to college and home in the dark makes me miss summer more than ever. The plus side? A new coat.
Coats are the best thing in the world, they’re warm, and it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing underneath (yay for comfy pyjama tops!).  I feel like it’s a ritual to buy myself a new coat each year just to update my wardrobe. I’ve swerved away from suede sadly, due to always being in the damn rain but I came across the most perfect little gem in River Island this year.

I purchased the Grey Faux Fur Trim Overcoat which was £75 (plus a cheeky 20% off thanks to Black Friday). The best thing? Even the fur is detachable, so if it’s a little warmer then you can say bye bye sweaty neck. It’s a military style jacket with wide lapels in a light grey colour which makes it 100% practical – especially with a 1-year-old sister!

The sleeves are fairly long on this little number which is ideal for the cold weather, and the first set of pockets are fake to add that extra detail. Does anyone actually use those pockets anyway? You just look like you have oddly shaped boobs! The real pockets, on the other hand, are extremely deep which is perfect as I’m no longer panicking about my phone and can fit excess crap in there which I don’t actually need.

River Island have an incredible selection of coats at the moment for anyone in any design and colour! I got a size 8, and it fit amazingly, even providing extra room for those thick winter jumpers underneath, and we all love a good cable knit. I tend to style this coat with the buttons undone to make it more relaxed and showing off a cute shirt or jumper underneath. The faux fur is beautifully soft and great quality with no frustrating shredding, and it definitely keeps your neck warm, so no scarf is needed!

In all honesty, the coat isn’t the thickest I’ve owned but that’s no problem because it’s cosy, even for a constant walker like myself! My wardrobe seems to be full of grey and black, but they’re the best colours right?

What coat has caught your eye this year?

Hope x

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