The Importance Of An MOT

June 19, 2018

I started driving lessons around 8 months ago and have learnt a lot when it comes to cars. When I began, it felt overwhelming and I was the clumsiest person in the world. But guess what? Your girl has got there! With my driving test fast approaching and being on the lookout for a car of my own, I’ve realised how important it is to have an MOT.

What is an MOT?

MOT stands for Ministry of Transport test which is a vital aspect to owning a vehicle as it tells you that your car is safe and roadworthy. From this, it also tests exhaust emissions and ensures that they aren’t excessive which means it’s safer on the environment. By driving without a valid MOT, you’re potentially putting yourself and other people at risk of injury along with fines and points on your license.

What parts of the car are being looked at?

When it comes to the MOT itself, the examiners are looking at specific parts of the car. This includes headlights, brake lights, your number plate, wheels, windscreen and wipers, fuel and engine oil levels, doors, structure, seatbelts, mirrors, suspension and the exhaust system. The wheels are majorly important because the condition and security along with the tread depth need to meet the correct standards. This ensures that you can drive safely in all weather conditions.

What can be failed?

Nearly 50% of all faults which are found during an MOT could be avoided by looking after your car. 30% of faults are related to lighting and signalling. 10% of faults are due to tyre condition and pressure. Along with 8.5% of all faults being related to mirrors, wipers and washers. It’s important to know that the tread depth needs to be 1.6mm and always have spare car bulbs. If you’re unsure about your car then an MOT in Folkestone can be booked on KAP Motor Group website.

Make sure you’re safe this summer before you go on road trips. By checking your car each time before you set off for a trip, you’re minimising the risk of being stranded on the hard shoulder. Trust me, that’s not a fun time.

*Disclaimer, this was a sponsored post* 

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