The Education System | Rant

May 19, 2017

So, here I am at 9 pm, after working on assignments from 1 pm till 8 pm non-stop and I’m still nowhere near finished. I have 6 assignments due in over the next week, 3 of them due in on the same day which will equal to about 40 pages of written work. And this is why the education system is f*cked.

Why is there so much pressure? 

Now, I’m not saying that my tutors aren’t helpful or I’m not being given the guidance that I need because I am. However, when will the government stop putting so much pressure on teens or young adults? I am expected to know everything within health and social care yet I still haven’t been informed about how real life works. How do I buy a house? How do I pay bills? What do I even need to do to survive in the real world? These questions seem never to be answered, yet I’ve spent 16 years in education. But don’t worry guys, I know how to put an apron and gloves on.

“Teenagers have it easy; they aren’t in the real world yet, they have a wake-up call coming”. Well, let me tell you how much harder it is for the younger generation nowadays. So, not only do we have to deal with the pressure from the older generation who think we’re lazy.  We’re expected to earn money which means getting a job (and our bosses treating us like shit). We have to do the piles of coursework we get given when we aren’t at work; we get told to attend extracurricular clubs, we have to maintain a proper diet, get enough sleep, socialise and fit in 200 hours of work experience into our schedule.

Then we are expected to know what we want to do with our future yet have no real guidance. After all this, we come home, do chores, help out with family, spend time with them and if we don’t complete an assignment we get capped at a pass. Suddenly we’ve failed the whole unit.

The reality 

Fair? No. I shouldn’t have to see the panic in all of my friends faces on a daily basis because they’re stressed. They feel as if they can’t cope anymore. I shouldn’t have to hate college and have to skive days off because I need to complete the assignments that are due in which results in me getting even more behind.

Maybe I’m over-dramatic, perhaps I have had a bad day. But to anyone out there who has judged our generation, please don’t. We’re trying our hardest to make it through the education system and from my point of view, I may save your life one day. Please be nice, even if it’s just a smile, it could make our day.


Hope x



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