The Easiest Ways To Unleash Your Creativity At Home

July 25, 2018

If you’re looking around at the four magnolia walls in each of the rooms of your humble abode and you begin to feel depressed at the lack of vibrancy, colour and excitement on offer, it might be time to give your interior a facelift. Injecting colour and fun and dynamism into your home can be a tricky balancing act. You could end up with a messy menagerie of hues and tones within your rooms that require sunglasses on entering. However, if you work methodically through your home, you will be able to follow themes. Using different items as inspiration for your colour scheme and develop mood boards to inspire your decor choices. Take a look at the easiest ways to unleash your creativity at home. 

Paint And Wallpaper

Working out the best way to design your wall spaces can make or break your final living space. Don’t feel like you have to choose the brightest and boldest hue of purple to make a dramatic statement wall. Instead, take a look at geometric patterned wallpaper. Taking its influence from the retro 1970s and think about breaking up your larger walls with mirrors, artwork and photographs. Remember, this is your pad, and it shouldn’t end up looking like a sterile show home. Personalise as you go along while investigating floral prints, colour groups and patterns.

The ideal feature wall spaces are chimney breasts with a central focal point. You may even want to remove the decades of plaster build-up from your wall to reveal a rustic red brick feature wall.

Bring In A Pro

Sometimes we have ideas that seem like examples of the most innovative interior design known to humankind, yet when we try and make our ideas a reality they fall flat and look awful. Consider hiring a professional designer like Sacha Interiors, who will meet with you, discuss your ideas, and help you to create your dream home. These professionals don’t use your home like a blank canvas to do whatever they choose. They help their clients unleash their creativity and bring interior creations to life.


If you love your white walls, you might be keen to utilise your choice of furniture to unleash a little creativity. Vintage Scandinavian pieces such as tiled coffee tables, iconic G-Plan dining sets and 1960s sofas can help you to create an iconic minimalist look. The mustard yellows and greys of the era are very much on trend at the moment. You might even want to recycle your own sofa frame and reupholster it in a new luxurious fabric. By combining textures and colours, you are enriching your living environment and making it feel more homely, personal and familiar.


Your home really is your castle, and you should treat it like your sanctuary. Bring creative means following your passions, injecting your favourite colours into your bedroom, living space and kitchen. This makes your home work for you. Ensure that you employ the perfect balance of form and function and you could end up with your dream home.


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