The Cheat Sheet For Home Luxury On A Budget

November 8, 2017

All homeowners want their properties to look stylish. In reality, though, most of us don’t have the budgets required for the monumental changes that we’d like to make. After all, there will always be other life priorities that eat away at the available funds. Still, that shouldn’t stand in your way of a little home luxury.

With a little creativity, there’s nothing to stop you achieving great things on a relatively small budget. Use these tips to cut costs rather than corners, and you should find the perfect results for your pocket and property. 

The Building 

Knock down an internal wall to make an open plan living and dining area. Bigger rooms bring connotations of luxury, and this is a fantastic way to gain those winning perceptions. On a similar note, you could install sliding doors to the garden. However, this job could cost a little extra, so you must take this factor into account.

Get Painting

Paint the walls in a shade of off-white to make space look bigger. To complete the transformation, create one featured wall with textured wallpaper. Taking this option is far cheaper than wallpapering the whole home, and also makes the design stand out too. Furthermore, the contemporary class leaves the door open for additional moves.


Choose flatpack furniture. Whether it’s bedside cabinets or a dining table and chairs doesn’t matter. Trading a few hours of your time, for assembly, can reduce the costs massively. Alternatively, you could look at upcycling old pieces for a very efficient solution. With the latter option, you’ll avoid the threat of generic aesthetics. In truth, though, accessories can solve that issue anyway.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall 

Use mirrors to reflect light and open spaces to make the room feel bigger and brighter. This can be especially useful in smaller rooms where space is limited. Install dimmer switches with LED lighting to further enhance that style. In addition to having greater control, you’ll save money in the long run due to reduced energy bills.    

Get Artsy 

Decorate other walls with artwork. Prints of famous works by Peter Lik can produce the same aesthetic appeal having originals. Another top trick is to get family photos blown up onto canvases, or get an artist to recreate a family picture as a painting drawing. It may require a little investment, but the impact it can bring to lounges and hallways is huge.

Fresh Bed Sheets 

Invest in new bedding. The bed is probably the most important item in your home as you use it for eight hours per night. But new bed sheets and pillows can often transform the comfort and look without the need for expensive mattress replacements. If comfort is still an issue, a topper can solve all of those problems at a fraction of the cost.

TV Techniques 

Mount televisions in brackets in a bid to save floor space and create a modern tone. This is a very simple job while the products are far cheaper than any decent TV stand or table. Better still, many of those facilities offer the versatility of multiple positions. Given that the TV might be used for gaming and entertainment, as well as daily viewing, this can be huge.

Become Refreshed 

Prioritise function. Treating your eyes is great, particularly when you wish to impress visitors. However, a powerful shower will impact your daily relationship with the home in a far greater fashion. Placing shelves above radiators can help circulate warm air for greater comfort and feelings of luxury and style.

Garden Goals 

Build a garden deck on the cheap. The garden can be a fantastic venue for improved luxury vibes. This Home Building guide can help you create the desired effect without breaking the bank balance. It’s also possible to create a swimming pool from storage containers for affordable luxury. When funds are tight, though, the decking area should more than suffice.

Fancy Florals 

Create a little kerb appeal. A couple of hanging flower baskets, new house number letters, and a quick tidy up can work wonders. Painting the walls or installing a fence or hedged can provide low-cost luxury too. Either way, promoting those standout vibes before you’ve even entered the property can only have a positive impact.

 Keep the home clean. It might sound a little corny, but a clean home is a happy home that looks and feels more expensive. There’s no need to be a clean freak. Still, keeping things well organised and tidy will pay dividends. Aside from improved looks, it should extend the lifespan of many household items too. If that doesn’t work wonders while saving money in the long run, what will? 


Hope x

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