The Blk Water Hype

May 13, 2016
You’ve seen it on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter. It’s supposed to be one of the coolest bottled waters around. You’ve seen the majestic looking photographs, but can we get our hands on it in the UK? No. So when I somehow magically did, I was ecstatic. 
I was browsing an organic shop in Leeds when across the store in the chilled section was Blk Water. Yes, you heard me. I’ve wanted to try this product for ages; it seems to be a major hype across every social media and the prices are pretty expensive, especially to get it imported. I grabbed a bottle for £2.50 (I know, a lot of money, but it was a one off, okay?) and off I went. Now I have to say, it is amazing to look at, you don’t believe it’s water as it’s completely jet black and it does mess with your mind a little. The packaging is sophisticated and looks great quality but it’s just water, surely?

First of all, what makes this water so unique? 
Blk Water is the first fulvic-enhanced, all natural mineral water. Here’s a bit of history for you; fulvic minerals are plant matter derived from millions of years ago that have combined with fulvic acid forming fulvic mineral deposits. Fulvic minerals are great for our body as they’re packed with 77 other trace minerals so overall it is a healthier water. The water is black because the minerals infuse with spring water allowing the water to change colour naturally. That’s the science, confusing, I know. 

When I got home, my boyfriend and I were excited to try Blk Water. We opened the bottle and tried a bit each after researching what it was. I’ve heard that people believed they could taste Coca Cola or coffee but this is purely because your mind tricks you as the colour is very similar to other drinks. When you first try it, it just tastes like any other water would, quite refreshing and average but suddenly a robust and distinctive aroma hits the back of your throat and I can’t describe this taste anything other than dirt. I know that this taste will be from the minerals but personally, if I want to have a refreshment, I don’t want a soil taste in the back of my throat. 

To be quite honest, I felt like this was a bit of an anti-climax, however, what do I expect? Many things go viral on social media because they’re not portrayed in the right way, things are trendy even if they are bad because everyone seems to follow. Maybe I fell into the trap or I was just curious. Don’t get me wrong, some people might enjoy this water and perhaps it takes some time to get used to, some people enjoy strong flavours but to me, that’s not how water should be. I don’t enjoy a lot of healthy foods anyway and people may just drink it for the sake of it being good for you. But what’s wrong with ordinary water? I am still a little confused and will continue drinking Blk Water to see if it gets any better. 
Have any of you tried Blk Water? What was your opinion? 

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  • Emma Clement says:

    Lucky you for finding some, this is pretty much impossible in the UK!
    Your balanced judgement makes for interesting reading! I'm intrigued to try some myself, I love a good "fad" but thank you for the heads up! I'm not sure I'd like a soil aftertaste! Interested to know if the minerals offer more health benefits than the usual food/supplements mineral intakes!

    Emma x

  • Hope says:

    I was very surprised I found some but it's definitely worth a try. People may have other opinions but thank you for the positive feedback! I hope you manage to get your hands on some soon!

    Hope x

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