The Best App For Editing Instagram Photos

April 5, 2016

Instagram has become one of my favourite social media networks out there because I get to show off all of my photography and in general, give highlights of what has been going on in my life.  I’ve watched my account grow over a year and realised there has been one reoccurring question which is: How do you edit your Instagram pictures? So from now on, it’s not going unanswered. Without further ado, I introduce Hope’s Editing Method. Now I must admit, my feed fluctuates with its theme. However, I have now found my favourite of all time; it’s bright, fresh and straightforward to do.

Before I get started, you must know that you have to be very picky with what pictures you select, as not all of them match well, you can take an amazing picture and then realise that it just doesn’t suit. I find that if one image doesn’t go correctly, then it makes the rest of the theme not flow.

Firstly, go to the app store and download the app called snapseed, it’s free and it’s all you will need to make your pictures look fantastic. The majority of my photos are taken on my iPhone 6 as I find the quality is good, however, at times, I do use the canon 650d.

I tend to play around with everything and see what suits the image best. However, my favourites are brush then exposure and drama – light 1&2. I love how you can use the brush and swipe your finger over the image almost like you’re colouring in and the app shows you the before and after result so you can see the impact it has made. If you move your finger to the left and right, you can alter the intensity of the tool you’re using. As you can see, the results below are incredible. 
Check my Youtube video below for more in depth information: 

Let me know what you think; I would love to know your thoughts!

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