The Beautiful Upside To Downsizing

November 27, 2017

Life is all about embracing change, right? It has to be because each day differs from the last in some small way. The success to surviving this rollercoaster is as much about be reactive as it is being proactive. That is why we see such drastic changes in social behaviours and none more so than deciding where to live. Not too many moons ago, we believed we had to live in the biggest home we could afford and then fill it with as much stuff as possible. That was the done thing. This is what people perceived to be a measure of happiness. But this has changed.

People are no downsizing instead of upsizing. People are choosing to live in the smallest space they can possibly be comfortable in and not in the biggest space available. The tiny home movement has well and truly begun. So, whether you are considering buying a mini-home on wheels from, swapping your country palace for a city condo, thinking about your empty nest syndrome or whether you can feasibly move in with your significant lover, here are is how downsizing can make you happier.

Maintenance is a doddle…

Owning a big(ish) home comes with the tedious prospect of having to clean it and the bigger the home the more time, energy, effort and grey hairs it takes. With a small home, the struggle is still real, it is just a lot easier.

More money in the piggy bank…

From the moment you decide to go down this route you will be saving dollars. Not cents. Dollars. A smaller home is less expensive to buy, less expensive to run, less expensive to keep, less expensive to insure, tax, heat, cool and just about everything else you can think of.

Peace of mind is amazing…

The more possessions we own the more they own us. That’s just how it works. Owning stuff requires mental energy. We start to care about what happens to these things even though they don’t matter. Having less material things is mentally liberating. It is freeing. It is just amazing. Period.

Become an eco-warrior…

This is one of the most alluring parts of joining the minimalist-slash-tiny house movement, as this infographic on will attest. The less we have, the less we owe, the less energy we squander and the fewer resources we use, the better it is for the environment. That benefits the world as much as it does us and everyone we share this green earth with.

Selling on is easier…

You may think that is the most foolish thing anyone has ever said because people still desire big, luxurious homes. But wanting something and actually attaining it are two very different things. We mentioned above how a smaller home is less expensive. It is more affordable and thus more affordable to a larger percentage of the population. The math is simple.

Have a happier home…

This is probably the most crucial aspect of the whole idea. Minimalism as a concept is designed to make you more self-reliant, confident and happy, and that is what downsizing encourages. It encourages families to bond and spend time together and that is where the happiest memories are created. So long as you make good use of your space, and make your home cosy, not cramped, you will reap the rewards.


Hope x

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