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November 27, 2016
College and university are stressful times for any student, and you get to the point in the year where you basically give up. You have four assignments due tomorrow, you have no money and yet you still decide to procrastinate for that little bit longer. Or better yet, you fit a 6 hour assignment in the space of 30 minutes because you have the time management of a potato.

Here is the wonderful world of student problems…

1 – You’re truly not a real student if you don’t have three mental breakdowns a week. How are you supposed to complete coursework, have a social life, eat pizza and sleep in the space of what feels like 2 minutes?
2 – When you find the perfect article for your essay after searching for hours and then realise that to read the section you need, it requires money, and you’re poor. The heartache is real.

3 – When your tutor says “You should remember this from high school”, but you can’t even remember what day it is or where you are.

4 – Thinking to yourself “I just have to get through this week…” but knowing you tell yourself this every week and will do it for the rest of your life.

5 – When you write your name on your assignment and give yourself a 3-hour break because it’s such an achievement and you deserve to relax.
6 – When you start at 9 am and your tutor just reads off the PowerPoint. Great. Could have done that at home.
7 – When you have a weekend free without any deadlines, and you feel uneasy because it’s too suspicious.
8 – Managing your breathing when going up the stairs so no one knows that you’re actually dying.
9 – Saying “I can’t go out because I have too much work” but knowing you’re going to stay in and do nothing but feel slightly less guilty knowing you didn’t go out and have fun.
10 – Work would be 100 times easier if referencing didn’t exist. WHY DOES IT TAKE SO MUCH TIME?!
Do you feel my pain? Of course, despite all of these problems, college is still alright. I couldn’t live without my chips, cheese and beans on a Monday plus a Gregg’s and Costa date with Becca on Tuesdays. Food is life.
Hope x

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