Spice Up Your Stationery This Academic Year

September 4, 2017

Sadly, the 6th of September is fast approaching, or maybe you’re lucky enough to kick start education on the 4th? Either way, it’s the week that every student dreads. Early mornings, long days, new classes, new people, dare I go on? To make this year a tad more bearable, I decided to up my game in the stationery department. Marble effect, satisfying planners and floral folders are just a few beauties that will be part of my college life this year.

All things floral 

Folders are a necessity to my course, and I wanted one that wasn’t dull and boring and came across this florally patterned cutie in Sainsbury’s. Bright and girly, this is the perfect folder, and I even have matching pencils which are engraved in gold saying ‘scribbler’. Maybe this blossoming design will remind me of sunny days when I’m walking to college in dark, foggy mornings!

Spots and stripes 

Sick of fly away pieces of paper which can’t go in your folder? Same. Everyone needs a flat A4 folder, and I managed to grab this navy spotty compact folder from Poundland (absolute bargain!) which states ‘trust your ideas’. Maybe that inspo will get me through dreaded assignments? It’s time to get organised, hence this ideal weekly planner which is nicely laid out. Although let’s be honest, I’ll only use it for one week and then it’ll be put in my desk draw.

Eye-catching organisation 

Academic planners are a pain to get hold of. Either you’re paying over £10 in stores such as Paperchase or you literally can’t find them ANYWHERE. This year, I decided to trust eBay and came across some planners with fashionable designs and ideal layouts. Sassy and vibrant, this planner is the ultimate student fav. Packed full of useful information such as important phone numbers, important dates and figures for abroad, it’s a must-have and only £3! Oh, and not to forget a fresh pack of coloured pencils so I can go through my colouring books when things get too stressful (Lol).

Modern Marble 

YAAAAS! They even do marble stationery now?! When I saw this beauty, I fell in love. 10/10 Instagram worthy, this A5 lil’ notebook is what makes my stationery set this year. I spent a little more than I intended on this gem because I was way too excited and it came to around £7 from Scribbler but hey, who cares?! Trends are important, right?

Pretty Pastel

Sick of highlighters either being way too dark so you can’t read the text or just bored of the same colours? Stabilo understands and finally created these gorgeous pastel highlighters! Baby pink, lilac, baby blue and mint green are here so move over stupid neon. I will be using these a little too much!

What’s in your pencil case this year?


Hope x






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