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August 2, 2016
Home accessories seem to be my favourite thing at the moment. I love interior design nearly as much as makeup, and I feel like it’s a special way to express yourself! I absolutely adore French style furniture, the vintage worn down effect with white floorboards is just a dream come true when it comes to bedrooms. I’ve always been in awe wandering around old houses, the massive king sized beds and beautiful floral furniture, not to forget the architecture!
The French Bedroom Company has a special place in my heart, it seems to understand my style, from drop-dead gorgeous chandeliers to the cutest worn white dressing tables, it screams my name, and I can’t help but spend hours on their website in admiration.
The French Bedroom Company
I recently got a couple of accessories from The French Bedroom Company to pull my bedroom together a little more. I’m planning on redesigning it, so doing little bits at a time is working well. I’m aiming for a white, vintage chic look to make it more fresh and feminine, adding a bit of sass of course!
Firstly, I got this beautiful Axelle’s Pretty Throw,  and the pictures can do all the talking really! This soft throw is irresistible, and it feels so warm. I could stay in bed all day snuggled up with this and who says I won’t? (Who says the nights are for sleeping, right?) With luxurious fabric and an adorable 12cm fringe trim, this looks perfect draped over your bed, effortless but stylish. I noticed that when looking at it with the sunlight beaming through my window, the throw appeared to have a beautiful bright sheen to it, an expensive look without the expensive price tag!

Next, I received this scented candle to finish off my shelving accessories finally! The French Bedroom Company make a selection of candles; you’re spoilt for choice. From jasmine to curious rose, your nostrils will be satisfied forever, with elegant glass jars or perhaps you’re a diffuser person? They’ve got you covered. My fresh balm fragrance is sophisticated and classy, made from 170 grammes of palm wax which is hand-poured into a re-usable silver-lined mercury glass lidded jar. It doesn’t get much posher than that now, does it? Made with a high percentage of essential oils and with the best-burning performance, you can’t be disappointed. Ideal for those shabby chic painted pieces (yes please!!).

If you’re a girly girl who can’t resist exquisite shabby chic furniture, then make sure you visit award-winning The French Bedroom Company! I may not have my furniture yet, but accessories are a start, right? Traditional furniture is the most striking look you can go for, but if you’re not so keen on the full-on look then make a few statement pieces. They’re bound to make you smile!

Happy designing,
Hope x

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