Seasonal Eyeshadow Lookbook | Laroc Palette

September 25, 2016
Eye makeup is slightly more challenging than the rest, you either end up redoing your eyeliner 100 times to the point where they feel like they’re bleeding or you get mascara on your eyelid after doing some immaculate eyeshadow shading. The pain is real. I’m a simple kind of girl, and a little bit of liner usually suits me fine, but I want to broaden my skills so I decided to test out a Laroc palette.
Laroc is a relatively cheap makeup brand but for practising, it doesn’t matter. I’ve found cheap makeup has worked well in the past so I never judge it by its cover, I love to give items a chance. I managed to get this eyeshadow palette on a deal for £6.99 on Groupon a while back, but you can find some of their cosmetics here. The palette contains 120 natural shades some matte and some glitter which gives you a real selection. It’s designed for beginners, and you get a durable hard case which keeps the eyeshadows intact.
These natural colours are perfect for every day, and the glittery shades make it versatile for night time too! I created a couple of looks using this palette so let’s jump in and see! (P.s we all love swatches, right?!)

Look No.1

Before we get started, let me just tell you that my eyeliner was not co-operating on this eye and it was a very distressing experience. Five attempts later and I’ve finally mastered it, and I’ve got this beautiful orangey-pinky autumn eye. I started off by using a pale pink matte shadow as a base and slowly built it up with glitter. For my crease, I used an orange glitter shadow, and I added a hint of silver just for that extra shine. The glitter shadow is surprisingly pigmented, but the matte tones need to be built up, which is a little disappointing but what do you expect for the price? The colours give you such a warm feel and it this eye would look perfect with a cosy knitted jumper.

Pro tip: Make sure you wear an eye primer so the shadow has something to work with. 

Look No.2

The next look is a little out of my comfort zone, as greens aren’t always for me but I decided to go risky and pull out the Laroc darker shades. I used greens and blacks but tried to make the sparkle less subtle. I started off by using a pale green as a base and added a slight greeny-brown and used an even darker shade for the crease. I then went in and tapped my lid with a steel shade and to my surprise, it turned out pretty well. Then, of course, I went in and lined my eye and there you have it! Perhaps more of a going out look for some.

Laroc do some great beginner palettes, as I get more confidence I’ll invest and pay out for better products but no one wants to waste amazing brands if you’re bound to mess up.
What shades will you be sporting this Autumn?
Hope x

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