Scrub Love Review

September 12, 2016
Baths are my favourite, and I love exfoliating! There’s nothing better than the silky unicorn softness on your legs and the feeling of putting on your skinny jeans the next day. Pure bliss. In the past I’ve noticed that many body scrubs don’t work, they clump together, or they don’t separate and spread, this is always an anti-climax when battling with my scaley legs in the bath. Us girls need proper scrubs, okay?


Now, there’s a new body scrub in town, called Scrub Love. The organic, fair trade, ethically sourced coffee scrub skincare company. That’s right, coffee body scrub (trust me, it feels like you’re swimming in a mug of coffee, yum).
I received the Mint Temptation scrub which overall looked like my favourite, so I set up my bath of relaxation after a long day at college and got right in. The scrubs are so easy to use, all you need to do is tear the packet, and it has a secure lock to close, and you get scrubbing to your heart’s content. After a while, you feel like you’re in a mud bath, but the smell is divine! It almost seems like you can eat it, the best thing ever, right? Think after eights, chewing gum and an espresso all mixed into one delicious combination.

What does Mint Temptation contain? 

Roast organic coffee as nature’s finest exfoliator, peppermint oil for your natural anti-bacterial and cleanser, tea tree oil to heal and soften skin (SAVIOUR!), dead sea salt to relax deep tissue (we really are mermaids after all), argan oil to moisturise and aloe vera to give you those much needed vitamins.

The best thing about this scrub is the unique tingly sensation it gives you; it’s almost like a cool breeze over your legs, perfect for summer! I felt my skin soaking up all of the moisture and the dead skin disappearing instantly. A must have for your bath routine. Every girl needs a little pampering, and this is your go-to.
Not only that, but it’s pretty impressive knowing you’re using an entirely natural product. Let’s get this natural glow started. You can visit Scrub Love here!
Love always,
Hope x

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