Scarborough Beach | Adventure

June 3, 2017

Sun, sea, shorts and Scarborough. Yes, you read correctly, there has been some sunshine in England. At last! We’ve gone from super sunny to super scattered showers, the joys of living in the UK. What better way to celebrate the heat than to head to the beach on a spontaneous trip with your boyfriend. This blog post is full of spectacular photos and less of me chatting on about rubbish, so let’s get into it!

The adventure in a nutshell… 

If you didn’t know already, Scarborough is a seaside located in North Yorkshire and is full of amusements, architectural buildings, boat trips, shops and mouthwatering food. It’s one of my favourite beaches in England, so Lewis and I went on the train to spend the day there. First of all, we hit New Look to get me some sunnies because you can’t head to the waves without a pair of glam glasses, right? Then we went a gambled away all of our dollar trying to win a bloody fidget spinner. (Which by the way, we didn’t win)

Next, we ended up eating our body weight in ice cream, waffles and fish and chips. You will see that the waffle and milkshake are 100% food porn which is why you need to visit Holy Cow on the sea front! Hope then found herself on a speedboat which was one of the scariest experiences of my life. (Note to self: don’t go on a boat if they don’t offer life jackets and you can’t swim) We then hit the beach and had a good old stroll until it got too rocky and I was barefoot and it felt like I had stepped on a lego block.

Lewis was adamant that he wasn’t going to apply suncream and today looks like a drumstick lollipop with massive red sunburnt blocks and then super snow white skin. I will admit, not the most flattering look, but hey, my skin has a slight sunkissed glow. And there you have it Lovelies, Scarborough in a nutshell.


Hope x


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