How To Sass Up Your Desk In Style

March 2, 2017

Accessories to me are what makes a home and shows off individuality. From looking at my room, you can probably tell that I’m a girly-girl who loves anything floral and lovely. White is the colour to go for as it brightens up your space and gives a fresh feel to the room. I’d started to get bored and tired of my desk because it was full of paperwork and overall looked neglected. I wanted something that was bright, colourful and unique but also neat and spacious with little distractions. I did a little ‘desk makeover’ if you like, and brought my workspace to life with a few little touches.


I love fake flowers as long as they aren’t too tacky because not only do they survive forever but they look perfect and full of bloom if you pick the right bunch of your favs. I managed to grab this blooming bouquet in Card Factory as it was part of their Mother’s Day selection! For only £2.99 this little gem brings a touch of elegance into my room and is pleasant to look at when you’re crying over the assignments!

Distinctive Digestives 

Notebooks are an essential when you’re at a desk. (I only end up doodling in them, but you know ‘productivity’ is my niche.) However, these handy pieces of paper are either too big, too small, boring or all of the above. I managed to get my hands on an Oreo-styled notebook! The delightful digestive has a top and a bottom which is chocolate flavoured and engraved with the words ‘Round Lovely Biscuits’, the paper is bright white which is essentially the cream, and it sits perfectly on my desk as a statement piece. The biscuit parts are a rubbery material which means it won’t get damaged and you can even use it as a coaster. Tea and biscuits? Yes, please!

Trolleys & Baskets 

My favourite desk item has to be my basket and cart. It sounds ridiculous, but these little accessories bring humour and personality into any room. The trolley is a pen-holder (as mentioned on da blog before) and has a proper seat, wheels and a handle where my three pens sit comfortably. Every girl needs a bit of sparkle so I’ve added some glittery strands to fill the trolley with the hope that it may give my inspiration. In the basket, my flowers happily sit which gives an industrial feel to the desk and also comes across as rustic. Hello, countryside!

Fragrances to keep you functioning 

I’ve mentioned this little candle on the blog before, but any candle would make a perfumed final piece. Every girl loves aromas of vanilla, strawberry, fresh linen so candle away, girl. The quote ‘Be Wild & Free’ gives me that extra push to battle through my coursework and the cute ribbon just makes it that extra feminine. Primark offers a great selection of homeware and accessories for an affordable amount.

Sassy enough for you? Every desk needs some lovin’ so why don’t you vamp yours up?

What’s your favourite accessory?


Hope x

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  • Tiffany says:

    All of these photos are so cute! I love the flowers, I really need something similar so will definitely be looking in the card factory. Also love the little trolley, so cute!

    Tiffany x

  • Jasmine says:

    Did anyone else spot the trolley and basket in the picture and had to find out where it was from? Haha. I love quirky stuff like that.

    Jasmine x

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