Rose Gold Nike Thea Trainers

August 25, 2018

It seems as if I’m getting a tad obsessed with shoes. I wouldn’t say I’m a shoe or a bag kind of girl but my blog is telling me other things. Remember when rose gold Nike Thea’s were swarming the internet and everyone wanted them? The Instagram picture that everyone was sharing because they were beautiful and metallic. Well, I only went and found them and bought them for £34. Just call me a bargain hunter. Yes, the Nike outlet store made my life complete, yet again! I may have seen another woman eyeing them up so I grabbed them while she walked away. If you snooze, you lose, right?!

The Air Max Thea

The Air Max Thea is traditionally a classic Air Max cushioning but is designed with a sleek profile for an understated style. The Thea is designed to have a more feminine look and contains a spongy insole for everyday comfort. I can honestly say that these shoes took ZERO wearing in which was amazing. Forget trainers that kill you (yes, I’m talking to you, Vans), as soon as you put these on, you don’t have to worry about rubbing or blisters. The shoe has a padded back which reduces the risk of friction and also has a pull hold so you can pop the shoe on with ease without struggling and breaking your fingers on your heel.

Rose gold magic

First off, let’s just say that rose gold is a godsend. Not a fan of silver? Gold a little bit too much? Add a dash of pink and ayyy, you look fabulous! The colour isn’t overly pink and has a hint of brown/nude which means it pretty much goes with any colour. You don’t have to worry about only being able to wear blue or black jeans because you can wear both! The laces are made with a very elegant smooth fabric with has a hint of sparkle. The edging of the shoe (by the heel), also has this sparkle so you can feel like a unicorn all day long.

Where to buy 

I am so sorry for teasing you like this but the rose gold colour doesn’t seem to be available ANYWHERE. The Nike Outlet store must have treated me like a queen last week because when typing them online, you only find them in dusty colours. However, the shoes do get a 10/10 for comfort and a 9/10 for design. Nike, you’ve done well!


Hope x


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