Road Safety This Christmas | #Blogmas Collab

December 21, 2016
With Christmas fast approaching and everyone making plans to travel to see their loved ones it may be busier than you think on the roads. Luckily, we haven’t had much snow this year but traffic can become hectic and rush hour can be prone to accidents. Even nipping to the supermarket to get last minute food shopping can be chaos, horns will be beeping, engines will be revving, and there is a 100% chance of road rage.
It’s important we take extra action to be safe on the roads at Christmas time which is why I have teamed up with Point S to ensure you check your tyres before you head out to see the family.

Why should we check our tyres? 

Tyre treads are designed to give good grip, but when the pattern wears or roads become increasingly wet, it may not work as effectively. Tyres are classed as the most important part of the car because they’re the only object which is in contact with the road which is why we need to ensure they’re safe because if they aren’t, it could lead to extreme damage.
The adequate tread is necessary to keep you safe in all conditions. New tyres will come with at least 7mm of tread and the legal limit is 1.6mm if you do not meet this requirement then you can be fined and will receive 3 points per illegal tyre. Is it worth it? No. The level of the tread is vital in wet conditions, and worn tyres will contribute to 1 in 10 accidents. No one wants to see a family being hurt this festive season, why put your life at risk when it takes 5 minutes to check your wheels?

How to check tyres

The quickest and easiest way to see if the tyre tread exceeds the minimum requirement is the 20p test. All you need to do is place a 20p coin into the main tread grooves of the tyre. If the outer band of the 20p coin is covered then your tread is fine, but if the outer band of the coin is visible, then the tyres may be illegal and should be checked out by a professional. Do this test every month. Better safe than sorry.

Need new tyres?

If you have come to the conclusion that you’re in need of new tyres, then you can buy online tyres for affordable prices at Point S. All your favourite brands such as Bridgestone, Hankook and Yokohama are available. Point S also give you the option to choose any sort of tyre that is required by your vehicle. Car, van, SUV, 4X4, winter tyres, summer tyres? They have them all! Located throughout the UK, Point S will provide many different services to provide safety for you and your family.
Why put lives at danger during this special occasion? Happy driving and Merry Christmas.
Hope x

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