Preventing Sunburn On Holiday

July 20, 2018

I’ve just come home from Greece and after a week in paradise, my skin may look sunkissed golden but it doesn’t feel very glowing. Although I didn’t get extremely sunburnt while I was away, there were certain factors that I wish I’d have done differently to make my tan more superior but also have healthy skin. If you’re about to go on holiday then here’s the advice you should follow to avoid sunburn.


When applying suncream, it’s vital that you don’t forget areas such as your face, feet and the backs of your arms and legs. If you have a swimsuit with cut out sides then ensure you get those areas too! As a brunette, I surprisingly found that my scalp became incredibly tender so either wear a hat or pop on some water resistant sun cream spray. No one will care about the greasy look and you can wash it out later on.  Even though the sun cream packaging may state that it is water resistant, it’s important to reapply when coming out of the water again. This is because when the sun dries the water on your skin, you’re more at risk of being burnt because the cream isn’t as effective.


Please, I stress that aftersun will be your ultimate saviour on holiday. When you’re out of the sun at the end of the day, lather yourself in aftersun because it will prevent any sunburn, cool the skin and restore moisture. The ‘Malibu ice blue moisturising after sun gel‘ was perfect. The gel formula is cooling and soaks into the skin straight away. There is no greasy residue in comparison to a moisturiser and you don’t feel like it’s on. The aloe vera is soothing and kind to skin.


When abroad, you will want to wear minimal clothing but it’s also important to cover up more sensitive parts of the body. During 12pm-4pm I’d try and wear a t-shirt which covered my shoulders and the back of my neck as it is prone to sunburn. When wearing swimwear, I’d also have a cover-up to wear when I’m out of the pool. In particular, this little gem here from Boux Avenue was my go-to. I’m a hat hater which didn’t do me any justice when out in the sun. I’ll admit that I’m certainly paying for it now. Not only was I putting myself at extra risk of illnesses such as heat-stroke but I also burnt my scalp on my middle parting which is now itchy and flaky as hell. Lesson learnt, Hope.

Happy holidays, stay safe and enjoy the sun.

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