Preparing For That Deep Spring Cleanse

January 6, 2018

The time has come again! Christmas is over and the winter weather is still with us, the rain is coming down in buckets, and the house could do with a bit of a spruce. Considering spring isn’t going to be here for a couple more months, you don’t have to build up all your energy for a good deep clean yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing for a good few months at the beginning of the year! Take a look at a few of these ideas to start off the year with a fun and fresh style. 

Make it Easy

There’s a lot of ways you can do this! Make a list of everything you want or feel you need to do in advance, as this way you’ll have a clear plan as to what to tackle first. You can also make yourself a good playlist of all your favourite songs to dance around to, and that means you can have fun whilst you’re at it!

Let’s be real here, once you get your cleaning out of the way, you’re going to feel a lot better. Plus, once you’ve dusted down a TV here and wiped over the surfaces there, you really get into what you’re doing! You’ll feel productive, and that’s great for boosting the wintery mood you’re in now.

Search High and Low

One thing to make sure you don’t miss is the top of your cabinets and underneath any of your furniture. Dust can collect here in huge bunnies, and mites can pack up in the thousands. Keep these areas sanitised for good conscience and home health at the same time.

Get a little step stool or a tall friend if you have any, you don’t want your deep spring cleanse to last longer than a day!

Set Up Your Fireplace

One of the pros about cold weather (if there’s any), is that you can set up a fire and get real cosy in front of it with a blanket and some hot cocoa. If you have a pet it’s time to cuddle up with them, and put on that Netflix series you’ve been meaning to watch since it came out last summer. However, you’re going to need to clean out your fireplace first!

If the ash has dried and it’s still hanging around behind the grate, simply hoover it up. Make sure no soot stains are hanging around, as this might just ruin the magic (and the windows), and then pop your firewood all in place. Don’t have any? Don’t panic.

If you’re still one of the fewer and fewer households who have a working chimney, it’s time to make it the focal point of your living room. Buy up some local firewood so you don’t have to spend months drying out your own, and then get chopping! It’s a good way to work out any frustrations at the same time!

Spring cleaning is an old classic, so make it with good practice.


Hope x

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