Peanut Butter Chocolate Porridge Recipe

October 10, 2016
I posted a picture on Instagram a while back which caused quite a storm. Now I may have told you already that I’m not a breakfast person, in fact, I couldn’t think of anything worse. I’m more concerned about trying to wake myself up and getting where I need to be in one piece rather than cereal or toast. Yuck. I’ve been through the lecture of why breakfast is important, and I couldn’t care less. Well, that was until Lewis made me breakfast one day.

Lewis isn’t the most confident in the kitchen, and that’s putting it mildly. One day I was actually hungry in the morning (a very rare occasion), and he was making porridge which I don’t usually like. There’s nothing fun about oats. However, I was nice and let him do his little chef part, and when I tasted this porridge combination it was pretty amazing, it’s sweet yet healthy, and maybe it could change your breakfast forever.

Step one

Pour your oats into a bowl and fill with kettle water 2 inches above the oats and then microwave for 4 minutes.

Add your peanut butter, stevia and protein powder and stir, it may take a while, but it’ll get there. Add the chocolate squares let it melt into the porridge. (Food porn, right?) Now you should have chocolatey divine goodness.

Step three

Decorate! Everyone loves this part. The great thing about this breakfast is that it’s so diverse. You can use fruit, sweet treats or nothing; it’s completely up to you.
And there you have it, your easy 3 step guide to making delicious porridge which is effortless and doesn’t make you want to vomit first thing in the morning. If I can eat this, anyone can! After all, chocolate for breakfast is heaven, right?
Hope x

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