Overcoming Flight Anxiety

July 19, 2017

Hello, Lovelies! I apologise for the lack of posts recently but things have been a little hectic. Your girl over here has managed to survive year 1 of college (finally) and has just jetted off to Amsterdam. In this blog post, I’ll be chatting about flight anxiety and how to overcome your worst fears. I for one, am not the calmest passenger but I survived which is why I believe you can too.

I understand that being billions of feet up in the air, being scared of heights and the challenge of getting through security are just a few of the problems that circle in your mind. It doesn’t matter how hard you think of the gorgeous beach and cocktails you’re going to have because, in your head, you’re going to die in this plane. Worst case scenario.

Be Organised 

To help me calm my anxiety, I prepared the process of the flight weeks before I was going. I made sure I had an action plan within the airport, on the plane and when I got off. I also ensured that I went through it a lot and edited parts if needed, this way, I felt more confident in what was happening. Keeping this piece of paper with me when flying helped if I did get into a state of panic.

Give yourself plenty of time 

Another thing that helped me was getting to the airport a few hours before my flight. This way, you have the chance to get through bag dropping, security and then you’re left to chill out, grab some food and do some shopping which is a great distraction (pretty much had no dollar left from the duty-free goodies).  DO NOT BE LATE AND DO NOT RUSH!

Keep yourself busy 

If you feel anxious while waiting for the flight then the best therapy is retail therapy (of course)! Not only this but I also bought things for me to do while I was on the flight such as my Mac and camera. Magazines and music are also a great way to calm yourself down.

The worst parts about a flight for me is the taking off and landing. I hate the sudden rush and the light-headedness that comes with it. I feel sorry for Lewis having to put up with my nervous talk for about half an hour while we drove along the runway. But at the end of the day, I flew and I’m proud. Plus these photogenic clouds are perfect.


Hope x


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  • Gladys parker says:

    Your tips are right on point! I have severe anxiety that is now controlled, thankfully. The only tip I would include is to TRY while getting things in order to go (and leading up to that point ) not to dwell on the flight itself. It really does help. Of course we are all going to think about it but by not dwelling it enters your thoughts less often. It was awesome of you to post this for others.

  • Lisa Rios says:

    Wonderful job keeping your composure! Flight anxiety sounds stressful. I know someone who struggles with it, and this sounds like it would be helpful to her. Thank you.

  • I do drink a medicine when i am in a flight anxiety and listen to some music.

  • Ruth says:

    I really love these tips! i personally hate long haul flights. It makes me tired even before the vacation starts 🙂 I am preparing for another flight now and I would probably start with a GOT marathon 🙂

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