Old-School Doesn’t Have To Mean Outdated In The Home

September 27, 2017

Vintage is so easy to fall in love with, but so easy to grow to hate when it comes to home décor. It can add a sense of class, a touch of tradition, and a quirky feel to the home when done right. When done wrong, it can feel like you’ve stepped into your great-grandmother’s home and like you’re stuck in the past. Here, we’re going to look at some of the big mistakes people make when going into old-school design and how to avoid them.

Get the look but not the feel

When it comes to some of the more important and functional features of the home, you have to be wary of truly old-fashioned items. Older wood kitchens might have a heart-warming nostalgia to them, but if you don’t get them sealed, they can be a nightmare to maintain and clean. The same goes for windows. You might want to keep older windows on an older home to keep its unique profile, but residence 9 windows can help you keep the look while keeping the insulating qualities of newer models. It’s not worth letting in the rain and damp and keeping your energy bills sky high to maintain a look.

The devil is in the details

Retro, rustic, and vintage. No matter how far back into the past you want to go, and how far you want to go, there are providers for wall tiles and floor patterns of all choices. Looking at creating a retro kitchen? Focus on the details rather than the big like the fixtures and the lights. It keeps the smart parts of modern design but adds just enough quirk to give it a personality.

Mix it up

If you want to be more inclusive of your old-school pieces, then there’s nothing wrong with that. However, to stop it from truly dragging the home back into the past, mixing it with a more modern touch can keep it fresh. For instance, you can look at old French furniture and consider upcycling it with a new varnish or even a fresh coat of paint. Or you can use a vintage desk to give some room to modern lighting and photo frames.

Make a scene of it

There are some pieces that deserve to have pride of place. You can show them off as much as you like while still keeping the rest of the room fairly modern. The trick isn’t to hide it amongst more contemporary choices, however, but to make a focal point of it. This means careful placement to make sure that the line-of-sight throughout the room and the lighting draw attention to it first and foremost. For the living room or the hall, a grandfather clock can be a prestigious looking focal point. For antique pieces, minimalist design around a focal point gives it the proper respect without making it look stuffy and ill-fitting.

It’s all about balance. Whether it’s balancing the old and the new, or older looks with more modern functionality, there’s plenty you can do to add nuance and context to the vintage looks that you love.


Hope x

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