Oh Christmas Tree | #Blogmas

December 13, 2016
The tree is officially up! Better late than never, right? There’s nothing better than searching in the loft for the long lost tree and nearly falling off the ladder on the way down then rummaging through the decorations that you’ve had for about 10 years.

In all fairness, I do enjoy decorating the tree, but it’s a pain putting it all together, poking yourself in the eye with the branches and getting scrapes on your hands because they’re strangely sharp. Don’t get me started on detangling the lights, how do they get so bad?! This year I had a battle with the star, it’s bad enough having to stand on the sofa to put it on but would it stand up straight? No. Angels are so much easier, but ours seems to have flown away, unfortunately.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a tree, and it somehow transforms the look of any room and makes you feel that little more festive. We went for the theme of pinks, blues and purples this year, with a dash of silver. There’s nothing cuter than little bows and small presents that dangle from the branches. Not to forget the finishing touches of adding your favourite chocolate baul-bauls and then doing the great finale of plugging the lights in.

Tacky Tinsel seems to be illegal in my house, I try every year to dig it out and put it on the door frame, but it’s gone in a matter of seconds. It’s almost like she has a tinsel alarm. Anyway, without further ado, here is the finished result, and yes, I did manage to put the tree up despite having a 1-year-old running around my feet!

Now the only thing left is wrapping and writing the cards! How can you not love wrapping while raving to a few Christmas classics?

Hope x

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