Nike Air Max Zero | White Edition

June 27, 2018

A couple of weeks ago, I was wandering around the Nike Outlet store in Leeds. I don’t know why I decide to look around shops when I have no money, like does anyone else do this?! The shop is stacked full of shoes, pretty much up to the ceiling and I try to steer clear of the clothing because my student loan would end up in their till. So, I came across these beauties which were in my size (bummer), and I fell in love. That kind of fall in love where you HAVE TO purchase the item or you’ll live with that regret forever. Hello, Nike Air Max Zero.

The deal

In general, these beauties usually sell for around £100-120, which even for a shoe lover, is a little bit steep. When looking at the box in the outlet, it said £52, which was already a major percentage off so your girl was very pleased. Whipping out the card at the till and the cashier then goes ‘Oh, by the way, these are £26!’. TWENTY-SIX POUNDS. FROM WHAT WAS OVER ONE HUNDRED. I’m not gonna get a bargain like that again. The price made them even more precious.

The shoe

The Air Max Zero by Nike is a pre-concept design that leads to a long line of icons. The slick upper is constructed from layers of premium materials which is super lightweight and supports with total comfort, while the Max Air unit gives the extra bounce and security. The fresh white hue ensures versatility and timeless appeal, and the rubber detailing gives that extra grip. Now I’ll be honest, I’m not going to be running around like a mad woman any time soon, but these are extremely comfortable and breathable. The shoe isn’t fitted with a proper tongue, it definitely looks like it but in fact, it’s just stretchy material which means the shoe is incredibly simple to pop on and there is no struggle with laces! 

How I will wear them 

The Zero is perfect for summer with white being a bold and refreshing colour. I was a bit on edge about wearing them because white will become dirty so easily but with the right protective spray and careful treatment, I’m sure I’ll manage. I’ve been wearing them recently with jeans and shorts along with a chilled out tee. It’s also very street when it comes to teaming with a denim skirt. These are my must-have comfy shoes when going abroad and when having long days out which requires a lot of walking. Your girl feels super springy when walking. As light as a feather, took no wearing in, didn’t rub, what else could you ask for?

What do you think?


Hope x

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