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March 9, 2017

University & My Next Step In Life

Education feels like one of those things that never ends. I have been in education for 2/3 of my life, and I’ve now made the decision to go onto even more studying and paperwork. University.

As you know, I’m a Health & Social Care student at college which involves working with vulnerable adults and children on work experience. The course ideally prepares you for the real world of medicine and health care within all kinds of settings. The pro of doing this course is that it provides you with many hours of work experience compared to A-Levels and the fact that it gives you many job opportunities which have a high employment rate is even better. I still have another year left in college, but considering I have to prepare earlier on, I thought I’d update you throughout the process. At the moment, I’m hoping to study general nursing or mental health nursing, I feel as if I have a close connection with mental health however general nursing can provide you with more opportunities, and you have a broader spectrum of knowledge.

No children, you ask? That has been ruled out as a NO-NO. It’s not that I dislike children but being with them every single day will drive me up the wall. Been there, done that, thank goodness that placement is now over. I never thought I’d be a person who would go to uni and it would mean that I’m the first person in my family ever to go. Working within the health care sector is a very rewarding job, and although there are downsides, it’s amazing knowing that you’re making a difference to many lives and working closely as a team. Many prospectuses have been ordered, and I’m booked in for open days, so far I’m interested in Leeds Beckett University, York University and Anglia Ruskin. I must admit, looking at those smiling faces on the prospectuses do make me cringe a little, such a false image of what the student life is. Maybe the days of watching Holby & Casualty will become a reality?!

I would love it if any of you Lovelies could inform me about your university experience and whether you know what any of the courses are like. There’s still some time, so I’m open to any opinions! I am fully prepared to live a nutritious diet which consists of Pot Noodles and frozen turkey dinosaurs. I’m already a poor student; I’ve got this!


Hope x


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