My First Football Match

October 29, 2016
Brace yourself for this post because yes, I actually went to a football match. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m not the sporty type. I love chocolate, relaxing and shopping, well let’s just say the niceties in life.

Because my boyfriend, Lewis, lives in Leeds and he lives quite close to the stadium so we thought that we’d buy tickets to watch a game of Leeds United v Norwich. I went into this with an open mind but deep down I did think I’d hate it, but at least I’d be able to say I’ve been. The kick-off was at 7:45 pm, so we got there just before 7 to pick up our tickets. The queue was miles long, we were in it for an hour, and I was sandwiched between 6ft men where all I could see were the back of their heads. I had some guy behind me who was the height of an elephant who kept pushing me forward and let’s just say he did get elbowed in the stomach quite hard at one point.
Unfortunately, we did miss kick off, but when we managed to get through the scary prison barriers (which made me want to cry, plus bag checks but all I brought with me was food, I’m innocent) we had the dread of finding the seats. The staff we all very friendly and it was pretty cool first walking into the stadium, with all of the lighting and the crowds cheering happily. Trust us to be right in the middle of a row, so I apologise for all of the guy’s feet I stood on, especially the guy in the unique blue Nikes because I did put all of my weight on your foot. (Whoops!)

It felt very surreal to begin with, and I hardly know anything about football, but it just felt like I was watching Lewis playing FIFA while eating chocolate fingers. I nearly cheered for the wrong team about a million times and didn’t realise the goals kept switching which got me very confused. At one point, I decided to get my phone out and start recording randomly, and I managed to catch a goal, God knows how. Then suddenly everyone was stood up roaring and cheering, and I was sat there confused and alarmed (a bit of a scary experience to be honest).
The game went on longer than expected as the teams kept drawing and it went into penalties, and we managed to win. I was definitely expecting a loss because we were attending the match but it was quite a pleasant surprise.
Overall, I did enjoy the match; it’s a nice feeling when everyone is brought together, and you’re cheering people on and I think next time I won’t be as confused.
Let’s get one thing straight, though, I’ll still never play sports.
Hope x

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  • great post,i remember when i went to my first football match in March 2004 to see Swansea as we were on a girls weekend away and we decided why not go as it could be fun. I have been hooked since then lol xx

  • Hope says:

    Thank you! Yeah, you can surprisingly enjoy it, it's a lot better in real life than on the TV! X

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