My Face Care Routine

April 29, 2016
Hey, everyone! 
It’s important to look after your skin, even at a young age. I hear my grandparents all the time telling me that I should moisturise and take care of my face. I’ve always followed this advice and think it’s important to wash off any makeup thoroughly. I never go to bed with makeup on; that’s my number one rule! At first, I struggled with finding a proper face care routine, and there seem to be so many products on the market that it can become overwhelming, especially with all of the steps there are to the ‘perfect face’. So today, I’m going to share with you, my night time face care routine in 4 easy steps. 
Step 1 

First of all, I grab a baby wipe or any makeup remover I have on me. I simply remove my makeup gently, not tugging or pulling on my face. Sometimes makeup can take a while to remove but the key is to be patient. 
Step 2 
Next, I go and have a bath/shower and either use this Soap and Glory face wash or plain soap to wash my face. This removes any oils and makes my face feel more refreshed. 
Step 3 
Once I’m out of the bath/shower and have patted my face dry, I then go onto using the DHC Beauty Lift Lotion (toner). I apply it to some cotton pads and dab it all over my face. Toner is great for the face as it promotes firmer, lifted looking skin, removing any excess oil and soaking into your skin to provide hydration. This particular toner is fantastic; it has intensely nourishing oat kernel extract and peptides. The unique formula deeply moisturises, minimising the look of lines and wrinkles for a smoother complexion. This toner, in particular, makes my face feel tight and it’s ideal for combination skin like mine.
Step 4 
After the toner has dried and your skin feels slightly tacky, I apply (the toners best friend) DHC Beauty Lift Milk (moisturiser) all over my face and neck with my fingertips. This moisturiser is so lightweight and agrees with my skin, not giving me any redness or breakouts which is fantastic. My skin immediately soaks this magical potion up, my face never feels greasy afterwards, which is a real pro. 
And there you have it, as easy as that! Anyone has time to look after their skin. Our face goes through so much during the day and deserves special treatment at night. It takes 10 minutes maximum so no one has an excuse. Of course, products aren’t the only thing that helps the appearance of skin; remember to drink plenty of water and eat well. I’d love to hear your face care routine. I’m always looking to use new products! 

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