My Birthday Favourites

May 15, 2016
Got your birthday coming up? Need ideas? I must admit I was stuck this year too. I’m grateful for anything I receive, after all, it’s the thought that counts. There’s something about actually being asked what you’d like that makes me feel guilty. There are loads of things I dream of having but what do you actually ask for to sound polite? We’ve all been there. Today, I’m going to show you some of the most precious and favourite gifts I received for my birthday (big and small) which I hope will add inspiration to your ideas. 
Benefit Cosmetics ‘Easy On The Eyes’ Book

If you don’t know already, I love Benefit. When I found out they’d made a book, I was pretty excited. If you love tutorials and need extra guidance (like me) when doing makeup, then this could be your new best friend. The tutorials are short and sweet with minimal steps and use Benefit products only so that you can create the perfect look with your favourite cosmetics. With high-quality images and the pages packed with colour, your eyes will be drawn to them. Beyond any doubt, a must have if you’re a budding makeup artist, or just love to play around with it! You can grab this item from Boots for £14.99!
Pandora Heart Ring

We’ve all seen Pandora at some point, the shops selling out of this incredibly elegant jewellery at Christmas time. So how did I not manage to get my hands on some sooner? Worry no more, I finally received an adorable ring which I’ve instantly fallen in love with. Usually, I’m not a jewellery person at all, I find that it annoys me so if I find some that I like, it’s a massive break through. When I received the ring I was ecstatic, it feels so dainty and fits perfectly. Anyone can get away with wearing Pandora as it is so subtle yet elegant. You need a Pandora ring; it’s the rules. 

When you want to stay in bed all day but have no decent PJ’s then it sucks. Every girl needs PJ’s. They’re so cheap, and you can grab a decent pair from places such as Primark. Don’t you just love the feeling of knowing you’re about to get a shower and put brand new PJ’s on? It’s great! Remember to wear your fluffy socks and stay cosy. I love shorts and cuffed legged bottoms; I can’t get enough! 

An expensive gift, I know. I have a passion for photography and kept stealing my boyfriend’s camera so decided it was time to get my own. I started to save up money and was half way through when I got surprised with a Canon 750D! With blogging and being an Instagrammer, a camera is the most needed item in my life. If you want to surprise someone special then this is a great gift; however, it is your most pricey. Canon have created such a beautiful camera, it feels perfect in your hands and has great features, including connecting to WiFi to share images so say goodbye to all of those awful cables! 
There you have it! A little guide based on my gifts if you’re stuck for a girly birthday. What would you like for your Birthday? Let me know! Of course, these gifts won’t apply to everyone but it’s an overall suggestion. I hope I’ve added a little incentive to your wish list! 
Have a great day, 
Hope x 

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