Why You Must Plan A Trip To London ASAP

October 3, 2017

Have you never been to London? If so then you should think about booking a trip to the capital city next year or even at the end of 2017. This sprawling melting pot of different cultural experiences is like nothing else in the world, and there’s something for every taste. Don’t believe me? Then just check this out. 

Be in the room

That’s right, from this November onwards Hamilton opens up in the West End for the very first time. The Broadway smash hit has become one of the most popular musicals ever released over the last few years with people eager to get tickets. In fact, tickets for the NYC showings regularly sell for thousands of second-hand ticket sites. The good news is that the prices for the London shows are a little more reasonable. The full cast hasn’t been unveiled, but we’re told that like the original, casting directors are aiming for diversity. There’s also a rumour that Lin Manuel Miranda will appear for some showings, but that hasn’t been confirmed. You can get tickets here

Of course, if rap musicals aren’t your thing there’s also the insanely Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. London is the only place you can see the continuation of the story and tickets sell out super fast. So, your best bet is to make sure that you book about a year in advance. (I went to see Wicked back in May and it’s the place to be! Just don’t buy a vodka and coke for £8!)

Live in Luxury

London is a luxurious place to stay with various choices for your next vacation. For instance, there is a wide selection of five-star hotels all over the city, perfect for people who want to live the high life. Alternatively, you can rent your apartments from sites like   http://www.londonservicedapartments.co.uk/This is an excellent idea as you’ll be able to cook and prepare your meals but the rooms are fully serviced. So, you won’t have to worry about having to keep the place clean and tidy. Someone else will do that for you, allowing you to relax and enjoy the city.

Theme Park Experiences 

Of course, if you’re looking for a great trip for the whole family, London could still be the perfect destination. Teenagers love Thorpe Park for its mixture of thrilling rides and great entertainment. Recently, new rides have opened to rave reviews including Derren Brown’s Ghost Train. The famed illusionist has created an exciting psychological mind-bender that must be experienced to be believed. Of course, for young wizards there’s also WB studios where you’ll be able to dive into the world of Harry Potter, visiting sets from the series of films. There’s everything from the train to the Forbidden Forest. You can also pick up various merchandise and treats that most people think are exclusive to Universal Studios in Hollywood And Orlando.

I hope this has convinced you to make London your next trip away. Whether you are going for a long weekend or a couple of weeks, you’re sure to have a perfect time.

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