Make Those Wardrobe Worries Disappear | Spring Cleaning

June 20, 2016
So it’s that time of year where your wardrobe is bursting with clothes that you’ve been meaning to clear it out for months, am I right? You’re putting the whole thing off because you don’t want to let go of all of your precious garments yet you know you haven’t worn some of those items since 2012, it’s almost starting to feel like an episode of ‘Hoarders’. Worry no more, as today I’m going to give you life changing tips which will make that dread disappear (literally!). Let’s do this!
Make a playlist
If you want to bore yourself to tears, then be my guest, but your playlist is going to be your pal throughout all of this. Put on your favourite tunes and get started, you’ll get lost in the music, and it’ll keep you in a more productive mood.
Take everything out of your wardrobe

Throw everything onto your bed, remove the hangers and put them to one side. Sort all of your clothes out into categories that make sense to you (tops, trousers, etc). As you’re doing this, look at each item carefully, and briefly think whether you’re keeping the item or not.

Try clothes on

If you’re unsure about an item, then try it on, make sure you stand in front of a full-length mirror. Or invite a friend round to help you sort through everything, not only will you get a second opinion but you could also donate/give your clothes to them!

Don’t let shelf space to go waste

In my room, my laundry basket was driving me mad until I had the idea of putting it on my shelf. Not only does this provide more floor space in my room but it also looks a lot neater and organised. You can also buy shoe racks and tubs to make your shelves less messy.

The one-year rule

Make this the number one rule of your wardrobe. If you haven’t worn an item of clothing for a year, then toss it. I know that voice in your head is saying “well now I’ve found this top I will remember it and wear it from now on!” but it’s not true as we’ve all been there!

The hanger strategy

Lastly, the hanger technique will make life so much easier for your next spring clean. Check the diagram below, a real lifesaver, right?!

Now your clearout is complete, it’s time for a shopping trip, yay!

Happy spending!

Love, Hope x

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